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Tilta cooling kit for Canon R5/R6 is now available

Tilta cooling kit for Canon R5/R6 is now available

[15:19 fri,27.August 2021   by ]    

When Canon presented the R5/R6 cameras a good year ago and it subsequently turned out that (especially) the advertised 8K video function of the R5 led to considerable heat problems due to a lack of active cooling, this created high waves that the accessory manufacturer Tilta wanted to surf a bit. Because relatively soon after, a external cooling module for the cameras was announced, which according to Tilta should be able to lower the temperature quickly. Now, about a year later, it is actually available, but the conditions have changed a bit since then.


Initially, the cooling phases could be bypassed by more or less crude user hacks that reset the cameras& internal clock, which indicated that not only the temperature itself, but also a timer was involved in the shutdowns. A new firmware (1.1.0) was then released by Canon, which, while not continuous, allows with interruptions, to film in a semi-functional way.

And recently, the R5 has even been outputting an 8K Raw signal, which the new Atomos Ninja V+ recorder can record continuously as ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt RAW - with virtually no heat limit, in our experience. However, for about 1,500 Euros, the Ninja V+ is not exactly a steal.

On the other hand, Tilta&s new cooling module, which attaches to the back of the camera when the display is folded out, costs just , although a cage from Tilta is also required. A power supply via USB-C is also required. The fan should not be too loud (30dB) and can be used in two speeds (max. 5000 rpm).

However, it has not yet been proven how much this module with fan actually achieves. We wouldn&t be the only ones who would be curious about corresponding tests. Newsshooter has noticed that Tilta does not provide any information on how fast or effective the cooling performance is on its website - unlike a year ago. According to a buyer&s review, documentation seems to be included that talks about about 2x to 3x longer recording intervals, depending on the ventilation mode.


Link more infos at bei tilta.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tilta Kühlungsmodul für Canon R5/R6 ist jetzt tatsächlich erhältlich


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tilta Kühlungsmodul für Canon R5/R6 ist jetzt tatsächlich erhältlich

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