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Tradek Bolt 4K MAX: Video radio link with 1.5km range - for 15,000 dollars // IBC 2019

Tradek Bolt 4K MAX: Video radio link with 1.5km range - for 15,000 dollars // IBC 2019

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Teradek&s latest model of its 4K HDR radio transmission system Bolt, the two models presented at NAB 2019, Bolt 4K 750 (with 750 ft / 230m range) and Bolt 4K 1500 (with 1,500 ft / 460m range) are extended by the new model Bolt 4K MAX with an even greater range. A total of 5,000 feet (approx. 1.5 km) in direct line of sight is its range.

The Bolt 4K MAX system supports almost instantaneous (< 0.001 s) transmission of 4K at 60 fps or FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt at up to 120 fps. HDR workflows are supported using the HDR-10, PQ and HLG standards - and extended camera parameter data, timecode and record triggers for industry standard cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon and others are also transmitted wirelessly.

Tradek Bolt 4K MAX Transmitter and Receiver

The Bolt 4K transmitter offers several mounting options, including an ARRI 3/8-16" pin-lock mount point for camera outriggers and an optional camera back mount with gold/V mount pass-through power for use with a rechargeable battery.

Both transmitters and receivers feature OLED displays that provide access to settings and software functions such as spectrum analyzer, channel selection, 3D LUTs and more. The Bolt 4K MAX transmitter provides two 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt and HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt 2.0 inputs, the receiver two 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt and one HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt 2.0 output. The system can be remote controlled via (iOS/Android) App. Formats can also be cross-converted between transmitter and receiver, so it can output HD signal at the transmitter at the receiver as 4K and vice versa.

In the new broadcast mode, a Bolt 4K MAX transmitter can address any number of Bolt 4K receivers and simultaneously transmit content to them. In Fixed Frequency Mode, a specific 5GHz can be fixed for optimal performance.


The Bolt 4K MAX transmitter and receiver is compatible with the other Bolt 4K series devices (750/1500). The Bolt 4K MAX receiver and transmitter with a range of 3,000 feet (approx. 900m) cost around 14,000 dollars in the set, but only the Deluxe Kit for around 15,000 dollars together with a special flat antenna array achieves the maximum range of 5,000 feet. Delivery starts at the end of the month.

Special flat antenna array with maximum range of 1.5km

Link more infos at bei teradek.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Teradek Bolt 4K MAX: Videofunkstrecke mit 1,5km Reichweite - für 15.000 Dollar // IBC 2019

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Teradek Bolt 4K MAX: Videofunkstrecke mit 1,5km Reichweite - für 15.000 Dollar // IBC 2019

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