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Ultra-HD Blu-Ray standard brings 4K Blu-ray Discs including HDR and Rec.2020

[12:23 fri,15.May 2015   by ]    

After announcement in January of this year has BDA (Blu-Ray Association) now adopted the new standard Ultra-HD Blu-ray (BD-UHD). It includes hochaufloesendes Ultra HD video (3840x2160) - compressed either as H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) with a maximum of 100 Mbps - and allows HDR (High Dynamic Range) and high frame rate (HFR with up to 60 fps), ie Videos with higher dynamic range and higher frame rates. What HDR formats (Dolby, Philips, .. etc) are provided, the BDA has not yet been announced. Defined in the standard are also new, object-based sound formats such as DTS: X and Dolby Atmos. Trendsetting is defined in the Ultra HD Content Standard (BT.2020) support for 10-bit color depth and color space Rec.2020(See chart), which provides a much higher color area opposite the Rec.709 currently used - but still no TV currently supports the Rec.2020 color space. Here is our article on the subject Rec.709 / Rec.2020 / sRGB Farbraeume and what they mean for the filmmaker. Unfortunately, the decision was made at the Chroma subsampling due to the lower volumes of data in favor of 4: 2: 0 instead of the one used in the professional field 4: 4: 4 on. $ Farbraum_grafik_rec2020 As Traegermedium new Blu-ray discs are used, which can accommodate the higher data volumes, namely new 66GB dual-layer and comprehensive new 100GB triple-layer discs. The Standard also provides that UHD-BD player to be ablemust Blu-ray Discs (ie HD) play - making the repertoire of playable movies extends equal to over 10,000 titles and the expected initial UHD-BD-losing streak (the wait of potential buyers of UHD BD players on enough UHD title and the Wait the UHD-BD player / disc manufacturer is relieved to sufficiently purchased UHD-play devices). Depending on the size of the display and distance the audience the difference between Ultra HD and Full HD in some cases will not be seen anyway. And until the first HDR-titles appear probably an even longer period of time to elapse - HFR movies contrast would indeed be for example already in the form of "Hobbit" series (with a frame rate of 48 fps instead of the traditional 24 fps) are available. 3D is not provided in the standard. Through this common standard foru003chtmlu003e Ultra HD Blu-ray discs should be excluded, that competing versions (as it was then for the different DVD formats and in which competition between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD) hamper the introduction of the new format. And only now the producers suitable hardware (like the coming UHD BD players and DVD writers) and the discs are hoping the Ultra HD cake abzubekommen a part which was until now mainly reserved for the manufacturers of UHD televisions, since the matching content came Mostly without Traegermedium directly from the mains. The first devices that support Ultra-HD Blu-ray will come the end of 2015 on the market. To be seen compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray equipment at the new (shown below) Logo. PIC 1: UltraHD Blu-ray Standard Logo

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Standard bringt 4K Blu-ray Discs samt HDR und Rec.2020


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Standard bringt 4K Blu-ray Discs samt HDR und Rec.2020

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