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Update: Lower latency for Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter

Update: Lower latency for Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter

[16:04 Thu,2.February 2023   by ]    

An update is available for the Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter, which allows an iPhone or iPad to be used as an external camera monitor, minimizing latency and adding some new features. The CineView wireless transmitters and receivers and the accompanying Accsoon GO iOS app have also been updated.

Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter.

With the update, the SeeMo should now be able to keep up with professional HDMI field monitors in terms of HDMI latency, and should also be more usable than before, especially with focus tracking. With the bright displays of the Apple devices and the peaking, sharpness and monochrome options in the Accsoon SEE app, useful tools are at hand.

Accsoon demonstrates the new very low latency in a video comparing SeeMo's performance in combination with the latest iPad mini with a professional HDMI monitor (Blackmagic Video Assist). The video shows nearly identical latency for both when fed the same signal from a Sony A7 IV camera in parallel. (This does not guarantee that the latency behavior will be the same in other setups (other cameras, formats or of course older iPads / iPhones)).

Additional new SeeMo features

With the upgrade to the new SeeMo firmware version 1.4 and the Accsoon SEE app version 1.0.3, USB-C equipped iPads can now be charged via the SeeMo at 1.5A during operation. The magnification level of an image when checking sharpness with the SeeMo app is now displayed as a percentage on the screen. The histogram function is also said to have been improved and the overall stability of the app and firmware increased.

Improved Histogram.

The CineView range of wireless transmitters and receivers and the associated Accsoon GO iOS app have also been updated to include a function that automatically saves a video file if the HDMI signal fails while recording on the iOS device. The audio level meters have been redesigned and the histogram has been improved.

All updates are available immediately. This should be done by first updating the corresponding iOS app and then following the instructions to update the device firmware. The phone/tablet and SeeMo or CineView batteries must be fully charged.

Furthermore, the Accsoon SeeMo is now also available in black.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Update: Geringere Latenzzeiten für den Accsoon SeeMo HDMI-Adapter

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