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Update: Red Giant Universe 3.3 offers news blend modes and more

Update: Red Giant Universe 3.3 offers news blend modes and more

[09:43 Sat,22.August 2020   by ]    

Two new plugins are included in the new version Red Giant Universe 3.3 for Motion Artists. With the tool "Modes" layers can be combined in different ways, so that the content shines through or influences each other, like you know it from layer modes. It is intended to offer even more creative possibilities than are usually available in video editing programs (especially in Avid, where plug-ins are needed for this functionality anyway). Two different layer modes can be merged to create a new one, or you can create your own.


"Quantum" is a new tool for text and graphic animation that allows you to add animated light beams in front of or behind layers.

Four plugins from the previous Quantum have been updated:

- "Glow" offers some new features like multi-pass color errors and the possibility to make only single color channels glow.
- Also "Glow", where 6 mono- or bidirectional glow strips with variable intensity and color assignment have been added, an animatable shimmer, variable rotation control and more.
- The "Chromatic Aberration" tool now allows you to adjust the focus range, split the aberration into several passes and chromatic rotation.
- In "Hacker Text" you can add your own random characters and animate encryption and decryption automatically

In addition, more than 100 new presets are included for the new and revised tools.

The Red Giant Universe 3.3 plugin collection is available individually on subscription for per month or per year (or as part of Red Giant Complete).

Modes Plugin

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Update: Red Giant Universe 3.3 bietet ua. erweiterte Ebenenmodi

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