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Update: Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5 offers new Lens Distortion tool

Update: Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5 offers new Lens Distortion tool

[09:14 mon,18.May 2020   by ]    

The latest version of the Red Giant VFX suite of tools for After Effects brings a new ability to detect and compensate for visual distortion in video footage. Depending on the lens used, images may have slightly different characteristics, as seen in the curved lines of wide-angle footage. In order for subsequently inserted image elements to blend into the image as seamlessly as possible, they must either also be spatially distorted accordingly (as if they had been filmed through the same lens) or the image space must first be corrected. With the new Lens Distortion Tool, further image manipulations should look more credible.

Also, some of the other tools have been reworked for v1.5. Especially in Supercomp 1.5 there is a new function Color Match, as well as extended color space options (28 color spaces with support of common cameras from Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, RED and others).

Optical Glow 1.5 gets a new Radiate feature which allows to add light rays. You can also better adjust the Glow effects by scaling the RGBRGB im Glossar erklärt channels and X and Y axes separately. There are some minor improvements in the King Tracker, Shadow and Reflection tools.

The Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5 now costs , and an upgrade from v1.0 to 1.5 costs . Single plugins as well as discounts, e.g. for students, are available. For Red Giant Complete subscribers, the suite is included in the scope.


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Update: Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5 mit neuem Lens Distortion Tool

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