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Updates: Adobe Premiere Pro gets free automatic transcription, After Effecs new render tools

Updates: Adobe Premiere Pro gets free automatic transcription, After Effecs new render tools

[15:13 Tue,20.July 2021   by ]    

Today&s update introduces a number of significant new features to Adobe&s video tools. Premiere Pro now also supports Apple M1 systems in the official version, giving those Mac users a decent performance boost. On average, Premiere works about 77% faster from project start to final export, with lower power consumption (as already described).

Premiere takes a big step forward in color management by adding tetrahedral LUT interpolation, which interprets color information more accurately. This should reduce banding when grading material with strong brightness contrasts - see also the following call from Phil Holland. Also included, initially in beta only, is a new, color vectorscope view.

In addition, the automatic audio transcription, which was already announced in the fall, arrives as a free (!), regular feature. This means that transcripts and subtitles can now be created, edited and finalized directly and conveniently in Premiere, because AI algorithms from Adobe Sensei recognize spoken words in the video at the touch of a button and automatically convert them to text -- for this you previously had to resort to paid, external services such as Simon Says. The new speech-to-text feature, on the other hand, is included in the CC subscription at no extra charge (except in the case of extremely extensive use; Adobe has not defined the limit more precisely). Currently 13 languages are supported, including German, and various speakers.

Premiere Pro Transcription

The recognized text is available as a transcript and is cast by Adobe if desired also in subtitles, which land on a separate track in the timeline and are temporally linked to the video; the timing can be improved later manually if necessary. The transcript or subtitles can be edited either in the new text editor window or directly via the timeline in the video window. A word search can be used to find passages in the text with pinpoint accuracy and also to play back the corresponding passage in the video. Pauses and the like are recognized and filtered out of the transcript, but they can also be faded in.

Premiere Pro subtitle creation

Subtitles can be customized in terms of font, positioning, size, etc. using "Essential Graphics" tools. New design options include drop shadows for individual text layers and the ability to edit the text background for better readability. In older projects, subtitles created according to the old system (legacy) can be converted into new source graphics and applied.

Adobe has also made some optimizations in other places. For example, the Adobe Sensei Scene Edit Detection function is said to be up to twice as fast on Mac and Windows systems, and up to 3 times faster on Apple M1.

For a smoother remote editing workflow, the file structure has been improved for team projects, so that projects can be saved more quickly. In addition, it should also be possible to get started more quickly, because the loading time of a project should be significantly reduced thanks to a new, progressive loading behavior. However, this "Progressive project loading" is only available in the beta version for the time being, as well as a new media relinking, which allows to link project files locally in Premiere Pro without having to go through the Team Project Media Management Panel, the program itself is supposed to take care of the correct sync with the shared folder.

Finally, a warning: On older Mac systems, as of this Creative Cloud version, no CUDA or OpenCL rendering is supported, only Apple Metal.

Premiere Pro, color vectorscope (beta).

After Effects (Beta) with new multi-frame rendering


Compositing program After Effects will be able to render up to 3 times faster on multi-core systems thanks to a new multi-frame rendering architecture. In the current beta, this is used for a new, faster preview. Also new (in beta) is a speculative preview, which uses free system capacity in the background to pre-render previews so that they are ideally already available when they are needed. The Media Encoder should also be able to render up to 3x faster.

Render notifications can also be set as a new function. When a longer calculation is complete, Creative Cloud sends a short message, optionally to a cell phone or smart watch.


Link more infos at bei blog.adobe.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Updates: Adobe Premiere Pro erhält ua. kostenlose, automatische Transkription, After Effecs neues Multi-Frame Rendering

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