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Updates: Magic Bullet Looks / Colorista and Trapcode Particular get news features

Updates: Magic Bullet Looks / Colorista and Trapcode Particular get news features

[11:13 mon,23.November 2020   by ]    

Red Giant introduced both Trapcode Suite 16, a set of 11 tools for particle simulation and 3D effects for motion graphics and VFX, and Magic Bullet Suite 14, a set of seven tools for color correction, finishing and film looks. As always, only selected tools were updated, as follows:

Trapcode Particular 5

Trapcode Particular, a tool for creating organic or natural-looking 3D particle effects and complex motion graphics elements in After Effects, is updated to version 5, with new features such as "Emit from Parent", which allows particles to emit their own emitters - for example, it is possible to create entire emitter chains. In the area of physical effects, more complex arrangements can be realized by combining effects such as airflow, bouncing, etc.; in the category of environmental influences, a new wind effect is added, a force that now reacts to the mass, size and air resistance of particles. The definition of different parameters of air turbulence around a system influences particle position and orientation or self-rotation.

With regard to behavioral parameters, new simulation tools for swarm behavior are added, allowing particles to be animated via automated behaviors. Another new "meander" behavior teaches the particles to wander around, for example.

In addition, Trapcode Particular 5 adds the possibility to use up to 16 emitters in the same 3D space, a new tool to adjust the speed over the lifetime of particles, 75 new presets and a C4D file import. The 3D geometry of .c4d files can also be used in Trapcode Form and Mir.

Magic Bullet Looks 5

Red Giant's Color Correction Tool in version 5 includes a number of new color input and output transformations designed to ensure consistency, quality and flexibility in color correction and the creation of final assets. The new Huenity tool allows users to simplify their color palette by customizing a range of color tones to define the desired effect area.

Color Remap is the name of a newly developed color correction tool that, according to the manufacturer, has never before existed in this form. It allows colorists to map any color to any other color. Color palettes can be adjusted, shots can be adjusted with the help of a color table, and so on. When reassigning colors, the results can be seen in a 3D color cube, and colors that should not be changed can simply be excluded.

A new LUT-Browser should make workflows more efficient. It allows to import any number of lookup tables, to display a preview on a thumbnail of the footage and to apply it comfortably to an endless number of LUTs. LUT packages, dailies LUTs or LUTs created with Colorista (a new feature in Colorista V) can be imported.

In addition, Magic Bullet Looks 5 offers over 100 new Looks presets, a Looks preset search function and tangent support.

Magic Bullet Colorista V

Colorista V also features the new LUT browser for importing LUTs and previewing LUTs via thumbnail view of the footage. LUT packages, dailies LUTs or LUTs created with Colorista's new LUT generation tool can be imported.

Red Giant has also optimized the render engine with new controls for highlights and shadow areas, improved 3-way correction, and added a completely new Clarity control and Highlight Boost control. Brand new Saturation EqualizerEqualizer im Glossar erklärt tools allow you to control saturation over different "bands" of brightness or saturation in the material. The Saturation EQ can be used to desaturate specific highlights or shadows or to inject color into less saturated areas while reducing the saturation of colors that appear too intense.

Trapcode Suite 16 and Magic Bullet Suite 14 are already available and can be updated free of charge for existing Red Giant Complete or Maxon One subscription customers. An unlimited "purchase license" costs 1084.06 Euro each for Trapcode Suite 16 or Magic Bullet Suite 14.

Trapcode Particular 5

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Updates: Magic Bullet Looks und Colorista sowie Trapcode Particular bekommen neue Funktionen

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