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Vegas Pro 19 update brings Alder Lake support and more

Vegas Pro 19 update brings Alder Lake support and more

[15:36 wed,12.January 2022   by ]    

Magix has announced an update to its professional editing program Vegas Pro 19 (build version 458), which has thus been adapted to the new Intel Alder Lake processors of the 12th generation, among other things. Vegas Pro 19 should experience significant performance improvements in single and multi-core operation through the use of the new architecture. For example, all AI/ML-based functions such as AI-based upscaling, style transfer and colorization are now accelerated via OpenVINO.


For additional performance gains, Vegas Pro 19 also takes advantage of improved GPU and CPU integration using Intel&s Deep Link technology, as well as hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding of video.

New features in Vegas Pro 19 Build 458

- A new transition type based on the GL Transitions Package that offers about 50 customizable transitions
- The option to save RAW companion files along with media files when creating a repository
- Added a message informing the user that his GPU driver needs to be updated to avoid red frames
- Detected some media formats that are known to perform poorly during editing and displayed a message prompting the user to transcode those media to a more editing-friendly format
- Re-access the Smart Upscale plug-in via the Deprecated Features tab in the Preferences dialog box


- Searching in the Video Effects, Transitions, and Media Generators panels now always displays the appropriate presets
- Control focus improvements in the Color Correction panel
- Users can now load MPEG-2 media with PCM audio into a MOV container
- Improved mouse wheel control in the Color Correction panel
- Style transfer now works on TGS/DG1 GPUs
- Correct positioning of the transition times display in an event when the event is not synchronized with the corresponding audio or video material
- The Tiny Planet plugin now works as a media FX and as a pre-pan/crop event effect
- Track numbers are now displayed when a track is minimized
- Burger menu options in the track header are now also available in the track header context menu
- VEGAS Pro now automatically detects Sound Forge Pro 15 and Sound Forge Audio Studio 15 and sets the detected editor as the preferred audio editor.

Link more infos at bei www.vegascreativesoftware.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Vegas Pro 19 Update bringt Alder Lake Support und mehr

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