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Vertical, horizontal, whatever - TikTok wants to become the new YouTube

Vertical, horizontal, whatever - TikTok wants to become the new YouTube

[14:19 Sun,18.December 2022   by ]    

With over one billion active users, TikTok has become serious competition for YouTube, and the app from China is even more widespread among young age groups. Google has therefore been trying for some time to counteract this with its YouTube Shorts channel - where short clips in portrait format are to be posted along the lines of TikTok and consumed in endless scroll. In turn, TikTok is now increasingly targeting YouTube&s core business.


As of this year, clips of up to 10 minutes in length can be posted on TikTok, making the video service interesting for other types of videos than, for example, the classic selfie clips with dancing and music. And as TechCrunch reports, it&s currently testing a new fullscreen feature that should make it easier to get viewers to watch videos shot horizontally (i.e., in the traditional wide page format) full screen. That&s right, downright revolutionary, because it requires turning the smartphone, which is of course rather unfamiliar to the TikTok community; after all, the service is virtually synonymous with portrait videos.


Two cooperations from this year show how seriously TikTok is trying to win over other - more serious - user groups for its platform. In May, for example, the video service appeared as - it&s hard to believe - an official partner of the 75th Cannes Film Festival and at the same time held its own short film competition, the winners of which were then allowed to stroll down the famous red carpet. "Just like the Festival de Cannes and cinema, TikTok is a place of authentic and creative expression, always creating new ways to tell stories," is how TikTok puts it itself, effectively putting itself on par with the most prestigious of film festivals.

How new and creative will the winning clips actually be? We&d say there&s still plenty of room for improvement. You can watch them without a TikTok account at frame of the press release, because they are embedded there - otherwise the service is a "gated community" (unlike YouTube), where no access to the posted videos is granted without logging in.


But it&s not just Cannes that has opened its doors to the young and hyped video service - the latest example is this year&s Frankfurt Book Fair, where TikTok was also an official partner - in case anyone missed it: yes, there is also a growing book review scene on TikTok.

How attractive TikTok can or will be for ambitious filmmakers remains to be seen. A huge audience theoretically exists there, albeit with a rather short attention span.

Link more infos at bei techcrunch.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Vertikal, horizontal, egal - TikTok will neues YouTube werden

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