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Video editing under Linux - Flowblade 2.8 is finished

Video editing under Linux - Flowblade 2.8 is finished

[10:36 tue,16.February 2021   by ]    

Linux DV NewsFlowblade has one of the most constant developments of all Linux editing programmes. It has been constantly enriched with feature updates for years and now offers a solid range of functions. The timeline structure is somewhat reminiscent of Avid editing systems, which is why Avid editors on Linux can certainly feel at home here.

Flowblade's mantra ("fast, precise, stable") certainly meets professional user requirements better than 1,000 abstruse features. Especially since the programme can be counted among the first league of available video editors under Linux anyway.

In contrast to many other programmes, Flowblade is really "Linux-Only! (which unfortunately also detracts from its popularity;). For the technically interested: It is a Python superstructure to the proven Media Lovin' Toolkit - MLT-Framework by Dan Dennedy, which not only works under other editing programmes such as Kdenlive, Shotcut or OpenShot, but is mainly used in many broadcast applications. This is again due to the much-vaunted stability of MLT (or probably also due to the fact that Dan knits individual broadcast solutions for many broadcasters with MLT ;).

But back to Flowblade: As always before, the new version 2.8 has now been introduced with reliable announcement and is available for free download since 9.2.2021.


If you are still wondering whether Flowblade might be something for you without daring to install it, you can find here a quite well summarised feature overview of the programme.

However, if you are at home under Linux anyway, we probably won't tell you anything new here. However, this person could tell us how reliably Flowblade works in everyday life, e.g. right here in the forum...

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Videoschnitt unter Linux - Flowblade 2.8 ist fertig


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Videoschnitt unter Linux - Flowblade 2.8 ist fertig

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