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Video messages: Vimeo launches free screen capture service

Video messages: Vimeo launches free screen capture service

[15:23 mon,16.November 2020   by ]    

Remote working, remote collaboration, virtual presentations -- Internet-based working is still an important topic in many areas and will remain so for some time to come. Those who also rely on video messages or screen captures can now also use a new, free Vimeo service, for example for (intermediate) acceptance of moving image presentations, concept presentations, training courses, etc.

Vimeo Record seems to work very easily via a chrome extension and allows to either record the screen content, the webcam feed or a combination of both. The creation of such screen recordings should be free for all members, the amount of recordings unlimited. A recording can be up to 2 hours long.

Users with a paid Vimeo account will also have a commentary function for their recordings to allow direct feedback from team colleagues or customers. They can also sort their screen capture recordings into folders and activate automatic notifications to defined user groups so that newly uploaded recordings can be viewed immediately.

In order to create recordings, a free extension for the Chrome Browser must be downloaded, which is currently still in beta stage. However, it is said that this extension can only be used by Vimeo Plus members or higher (see user notes). It is not clear if this only applies to the beta -- according to the announcement of Vimeo Record, the service should be free for everyone ("it's totally free, and available to users of any tier").

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Video-Messages: Vimeo bietet kostenlose Screen-Captures an

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