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Video tutorial: ARRI Skypanel 360 - large light area for best wrap

Video tutorial: ARRI Skypanel 360 - large light area for best wrap

[12:03 sat,23.June 2018   by ]    

bildIf you need large-area, bright light without your own generator, you will find the Skypanel 360 at ARRI, the largest Skypanel, for example. "Meet the Gaffer" took a closer look at the large ARRI panel and introduces the most important functions and application areas in this tutorial video:

Interesting the handling in the thrust car constructed for it and also the note that one should be in any case in pairs to set up the light. According to Alan Steinheimer, the large light surface of the Skypanel 360 in combination with corresponding diffusion in front of it provides good "wrap" around the protagonist/the motif. He particularly appreciates the control over the light modulation that causes the distance to diffuse in this setup. A robust telescopic stand on castors is helpful for this.

Critical points are the power plug, which is difficult to plug in correctly as a 2-pin plug and the loss of information on the rear display as soon as the remote is connected to the panel.

Link more infos at bei youtu.be

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Videotutorial: ARRI Skypanel 360 - große Lichtfläche für optimalen Wrap


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Videotutorial: ARRI Skypanel 360 - große Lichtfläche für optimalen Wrap

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