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Vivo: Smartphones with integrated mini-drone and pop-up super zoom?

Vivo: Smartphones with integrated mini-drone and pop-up super zoom?

[10:50 sun,8.August 2021   by ]    

The Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo likes to experiment with very special new ideas to give its smartphones features that set them apart from the rest of the market. For example, the main camera of the Vivo X60 Pro 5G is stabilized by a built-in gimbal and it is possible to paint on the back of the Vivo S10 Pro smartphone with UV light.

The Dutch online magazine LetsGoDigital has discovered two particularly unusual designs in WIPO patents newly filed by Vivo: a smartphone with a integrated mini-drone and a with several telescopically extendable zoom lenses.

Vivo&s smartphone mini-drone.

Smartphone with integrated mini-drone

According to rumors, Vivo is already working on it: a smartphone that houses a small rectangular camera quadcopter in its body, which can make short flights to take pictures from the air, otherwise impossible, for selfies, for example. Such a drone integrated into a smartphone would be extremely practical for some applications, as it would always be with you.

The rotors are integrated into the housing of the mini-drone, which houses a total of two cameras: a forward-facing main camera and a downward-facing secondary camera, plus three infrared sensors on the sides to detect and automatically avoid obstacles. Not only the flight electronics/mechanics would have to be integrated into the small housing, but also a transmission system for the live video feed for controlling the drone in addition to the cameras (including internal gimbal system) - all in a sufficiently good quality despite the minimal dimensions.

One thing to consider, however, is that this drone would be smaller than any of the mini-drones on the market so far, which already have trouble staying too stable in the air in light crosswinds to avoid blurring the footage. In stronger gusts, there would also be a risk of the drone being blown away and lost. In addition, it would be very fragile and therefore prone to errors.

The closest thing to the Vivo design is probably the Airpix mini drone, which is about the size of a smartphone, but users rather disappointed so far.

Vivo&s smartphone mini-drone

It is also questionable what savings will have to be made on the smartphone to free up valuable internal space for the drone: a smaller battery? Fewer cameras? Given these questions, Vivo will probably have to decide whether the advantages of such a model outweigh the disadvantages as development progresses.

Vivo Pop-up Super Zoom.

Smartphone with pop-up super zoom

The other design consists of a four-stage telescopic super-zoom lens attachment for smartphones that gives an integrated camera a wide zoom range by combining multiple lenses. Vivo already has smartphones with a pop-up camera in its lineup, including the V17 Pro, so in that respect a telescopic zoom pop-up would just be an extension. Unlike the previous implementations, however, the new camera would not be a selfie camera, but would be turned away from the user and thus replace sensors integrated into the camera on the back.

Vivo Pop-up Super Zoom

Again, the question naturally arises as to whether the design advantages of such a multi-zoom camera would outweigh the disadvantages, as such a mechanically extendable pop-up module would be very susceptible to defects in the extension mechanism and also very exposed to damage itself.

The models of the two concepts are based on the Vivo patents and were created by LetsGoDigital in collaboration with the design agencies Technizo Concept as well as Yanko Design.

Link more infos at bei nl.letsgodigital.org

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Vivo: Smartphones mit integrierter Mini-Drohne und Pop-up Super-Zoom?


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Vivo: Smartphones mit integrierter Mini-Drohne und Pop-up Super-Zoom?

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