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Zhiyun CRANE 3S -- new gimbal supports camera setups up to 6,5 Kg

Zhiyun CRANE 3S -- new gimbal supports camera setups up to 6,5 Kg

[11:01 fri,20.March 2020   by ]    

To stabilize even larger camera setups, Zhiyun launches the CRANE 3S. The design is based on the Crane 3 Lab and is similarly compact, but designed for even heavier payloads of up to 6.5 kilos. It can also be used with more expansive cinema cameras -- the arm of the roll axis can be extended for this purpose. If a smaller camera is used, the extender can be left out.


To stabilize the heavy setups sufficiently, new, stronger motors are installed. Also an improved algorithm is on board, it should provide high responsiveness and smooth movements, even under extreme conditions, for example when the gimbal is attached to a moving car. Thanks to its modular design, the Crane 3S can be combined with motorised dollies, jibs / cranes, cablecam or even the Easyrig, the latter of course being ideal when shooting with a heavy camera.

A new locking system is supposed to lock all three axes securely, the individual segments of the gimbal are apparently connected with double locks. There are two different handles, one is the TransMount SmartSling Handle, which has a small display and controls for gimbal and camera, and the other is a simple EasySling Handle. They should also be usable in combination.


Together with the optionally available TransMount Image Transmission System, which can communicate with up to three devices via WLAN, the gimbal/camera setup can also be controlled in a team, for example from a Smartphone or Motion Sensor Controller.

In terms of power supply there are several options. The standard battery should last about 12h, alternatively a new TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack can be used, which holds six 18650 batteries and should last for 18h. There is also a power connector available (up to 25.2V), which is also used to connect the battery pack.


The Zhiyun CRANE 3S will be available immediately for with the EasySling Handle and for with the SmartSling Handle. About the exact compatibility with various cameras oss.zhiyun-tech.com/zyplay/instructions_edit/supportmodel/CRANE%203S%20Camera%20Compatibility%20List%20-%20(EN).pdf (this extensive list) gives information.

Link more infos at bei www.zhiyun-tech.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Zhiyun CRANE 3S -- neuer Gimbal für Kamera-Setups bis 6,5 Kg

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