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Zoom introduces F8N Pro field recorder with 32bit Float and dual AD-converter

Zoom introduces F8N Pro field recorder with 32bit Float and dual AD-converter

[18:17 Mon,28.February 2022   by ]    

The Zoom F8N multitrack encoder is getting even more professional - the F8N Pro version recently presented in Japan is equipped with two AD converters for low gain and high gain and records audio with up to 32bit floating point quantization (WAV). A combination that is already found in the Zoom F6 and should make audio equalization virtually superfluous. The audio signal can be pulled up from the depths of the dynamics with a normalization, practically without any loss of quality.

Zoom F8N Pro

The F8N Pro is outwardly hardly distinguishable from the F8N and has 8 Neutrik XLR/TRS combo inputs with lock mechanisms, two mini-XLR (TA3) balanced main outputs and a stereo mini-sub output, as well as a USB audio output. So the recorder can also be used as a USB audio interface - audio recording is done to up to 1TB SDXC cards - two slots are available - or/and directly to the computer. For precise synchronization with a video source, the timecode is said to be generated with an error of 0.5 frames or less in 24 hours.


Features of Zoom F8N


- Dual AD converter with wide dynamic range
- Supports 32-bit float recording (16-bit / 24-bit can also be selected)
- 8-channel input, maximum 10 tracks (8ch + L / R) simultaneous recording
- Maximum 192 kHz high-resolution recording in sampling/32-bit float WAV format
- High quality low noise floor preamplifier with maximum gain of 75 dB and ON -127 dBu
- Neutrik XLR/TRS combo input with 8 lock mechanisms
- Microphone / line (+ 4dBu compatible) / change of input source is possible
- High-precision timecode with an error of 0.5 frames or less in 24 hours, realizing accurate synchronization with video
- Advanced look-ahead hybrid limiter
- Multiple microphone inputs ZOOM auto-mix function that automatically adjusts levels
- 3 power supplies: 8 AA batteries, external DC power supply, 12 V power supply can be used
- Independent track control for each channel, 6-segment LED level meter, PFL / Solo switch
- Equipped with two mini-XLR (TA3) balanced main outputs and one stereo mini-sub output
- Headphone jack with volume control (output 100 mW)
- 2.4-inch full-color backlit LCD (with monochrome mode)
- Dual SD card slot compatible with up to 1TB SDXC
- Built-in slate microphone / slate sound with switch
- 8 inputs / 4 outputs, USB audio interface function, compatible with up to 96 kHz / 32 bit float
- Backup recording to a PC with USB audio output is possible simultaneously with recording to the built-in SD card
- 360° spatial audio via VR microphone, integrated Ambisonic mode
- Remote control from Android* / iOS app "F8 Control" via Bluetooth connection (* Android version to be released in March 2022).
- Optional mixer type controller "F-Control " Physical fader operation possible.
- Optional ZOOM microphone capsule can be connected (XAH-8, EXH-8, VRH-8 are not supported)


Price and availability

As yet the Zoom F8N multitrack recorder is only offered in Japan, when it will be available in this country and at what price is not yet known. The Japanese price is 148000 yen, which would be the equivalent of 1,145 euros - the Zoom F8N cost around 1,200 euros when it was launched in 2018.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Zoom F8N Pro Fieldrecorder mit 32bit Float und dualen AD-Wandlern vorgestellt


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Zoom F8N Pro Fieldrecorder mit 32bit Float und dualen AD-Wandlern vorgestellt

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