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fylm.ai: Professional AI-supported color grading via browser

fylm.ai: Professional AI-supported color grading via browser

[10:04 sat,16.October 2021   by ]    

After a six-month beta phase, fylm.ai has now gone online, a cloud-based and AI-powered color correction platform for still images and video that can be easily used via browser. The calculations required for color correction are performed GPU-accelerated on fylm.ai&s servers. It offers a variety of professional color grading functions such as an integrated AI look extraction tool, an advanced color match function, subtractive color model, print film emulation, a magic mode for beginners, various scopes and a variety of color correction functions.

fylm.ai AI-powered color grading via browser

Because fylm.ai runs entirely in the cloud, collaboration - whether it&s sharing content, collaborating on a project, or presenting the result - with an entire team over the net is easy anywhere in the world. And since users only interact with fylm.ai through a browser, access is completely cross-platform from any operating system (Mac, Windows, Chrome, or Linux) and also requires no installation of special software or plugins, or any special hardware.

In addition, all assets are available via cloud all in one place and from anywhere. Project assets can be shared with specific users, as well as searched and easily filtered to access the desired data. When working in teams, individual assets can be assigned a status.

Features of fylm.ai

- AI Color: Per deep-learning neural network model trained on millions of film images, the specific look can be extracted from any pre-image uploaded by the user in the form of a per 3D LUT and applied to the user&s own footage
- per Matches function the looks of different shots (e.g. of different cameras) can be easily matched to each other per LUTs
- ACES Print Film Emulations: fylm.ai offers 15 predefined ACEScct Print Film Emulations, which can be combined with 10 predefined Cine Looks using the film color correction system to create your own looks.
- Magic Mode: a function especially for beginners to quickly get interesting looks - you can choose the best one from several suggestions or extract a look from a special image via AI Colour and apply it to your own video.

Magic Mode

- Color correction functions such as Primaries and Log Primaries, Printer Lights, Subtractive Color Model, Smart Curves, HSL, Print Film Emulations, Filmic Curve Response, Smart Warmth and much more.
-Various looks of a scene can be created and compared with each other
- Professional scopes like RGBRGB im Glossar erklärt parades, waveform, vectorscope and histogram.
- Internal support of ACEScct for color management of the workflow. Only the camera used has to be selected. fylm.ai can also be used in non-ACES workflows.
- The fylm.ai user interface is said to be extremely responsive and fluid

How does color correction work via fylm.ai?

Stills from the edit, photos from the shoot or, of course, videos can be uploaded to fylm.ai, for which a special look can then be developed using the integrated color correction functions. This can then be exported via LUT. Here you can find more about the individual functions, the user interface as well as the workflow of fylm.ai.



fylm.ai offers several price models, which differ in storage volume, number of projects, users and functions. If you want to try fylm.ai for the first time you can do so with the free model with 1 GB of storage and one user, if you like it you can buy the Pro model with 50 GB, unlimited number of projects and 5 users at a price of 19 dollars per month (or 192 dollars for one year), the Team model costs 49 dollars per month (492 dollars per year) and grants 100 GB of storage, up to 10 team members and various special features for team collaboration.

However, the problem or bottleneck with such cloud-based solutions is, as always, the Internet connection used, especially the upload of high-resolution videos can take quite a long time if the connection is not very fast. That&s why it&s probably better to upload stills or small clips for grading, then export LUTs and apply them to all the footage on your own computer in DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro or another editing program.


If you try fylm.ai, please post your experiences with it here!

Link more infos at bei fylm.ai

deutsche Version dieser Seite: fylm.ai: Professionelles KI-gestütztes Color Grading im Browser


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: fylm.ai: Professionelles KI-gestütztes Color Grading im Browser

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