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online sensor format comparison

online sensor format comparison

[17:05 wed,5.May 2021   by ]    

Even though full-frame sensors are becoming cheaper and cheaper, the S35 is far from being obsolete. And there are said to be plenty of film-makers who deliberately choose an MFT sensor in order to achieve a sought-after look. What seemed to be almost extinct, however, were online tools for comparing sensor sizes.

A few years ago, when S35 was still the edge of the plate and people tried to "blow up" smaller sensors with focal reducers, crop factors and sensor sizes received much more attention. After all, it was often necessary to somehow get as close as possible to the magic S35 with little money.

So it feels almost nostalgic when you stumble across the fresh online sensor size comparison from sensorsizes.com and play around with it a bit. Here you will find numerous current sensors that can be displayed in a size comparison (even optionally scaled to your own monitor size).

At the same time, the image circles of common optics can be superimposed. And there are also some key figures (such as the S35 crop factor or the pixel density) according to which the sensors can be sorted.

In short, it's a nice online tool to have in your link collection. As long as you haven't already decided on a camera for your personal work.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Aktueller Sensorformat-Online-Calculator - Sensorsizes.com

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