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smallHD Cine 7 Monitor: Control for RED DSMC2 cameras via Pay-Upgrade // IBC 2019

smallHD Cine 7 Monitor: Control for RED DSMC2 cameras via Pay-Upgrade // IBC 2019

[17:00 thu,12.September 2019   by ]    

smallHD has released a 500 dollar "Control Kit for RED" for its professional on-set monitor Cine 7, which allows the user-friendly control of RED&s DSMC2 cameras via the touchscreen of the Cine 7. The control menu, which appears as an overlay above the camera image, can be used to change camera 7 settings down to the deepest menus via the touchscreen and to control the camera recording. The Cine 7 is connected to the camera via the Ethernet port.

smallHD Cine 7 with RED Camera

Previously, for the Cine 7, an integrated real-time camera control was only available for the ARRI Alexa Mini (LF) and Amira for a surcharge. Prerequisite is the latest firmware upgrade to the version smallHD OS 3.6.0.

The smallHD Cine 7 has a 1.920 x 1.200 7" large 1.800 nits bright Touch-IPS panel and can be used in sunlight - its color space coverage is excellent with 100% DCI-P3. It has one HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt and two 3G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt inputs as well as one HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt and one 3G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt output, between which it can cross-convert.

smallHD Cine 7 with RED Camera

Also on board are a headphone output, an Ethernet port (for camera control) and an SD card slot. SmallHD&s OS3 user interface provides a number of useful functions - for example, filmmakers can display waveforms, scopes and e.g. False Color of their image, draw the focus supported by Focus Assist/Peaking and also adjust the exposure. With the pinch-to-zoom function, the user can easily adjust the settings of his shot. Colors can be corrected using 3D LUTs (look-up tables) via SD card.


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Link more infos at bei store.smallhd.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: smallHD Cine 7 Monitor: Steuerung für RED DSMC2 Kameras per Pay-Upgrade // IBC 2019

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: smallHD Cine 7 Monitor: Steuerung für RED DSMC2 Kameras per Pay-Upgrade // IBC 2019

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