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I have the following problem:

I myself am a layman video and own a Canon HF100.

To merge the individual *. mts streams I use the Canon supplied PIXELIA of ImageMixer 3 SE.

The resulting composite Files ending up in *. m2ts.

Now I've got s.Donnerstag a recording of a friend, has taken up the with his Canon HF200 on my SD memory card.

In my youthful folly I was hoping that I can join these views as well in my H100 with the PIXELIA ImageMixer 3 SE to a large *. m2ts file.

Unfortunately, it does not work!

Can maybe someone help me here? The Alternative with the HF200 play off of my friend is rather unfortunate, as it is currently located about 800 km.

Maybe something works so synonymous with nerve freeware software? A friend has also sony vegas 9, also I could access it.

Would I want to try it myself but s.liebsten because I found the *. m2ts files like archive of original quality.

Thanks for your help.


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