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"Dropped frames" Aja Ki Pro

Frage von alda134:
Oktober 2010


I stand before a puzzling problem!
Hope here is someone he has experienced similar, or was confronted with it and can maybe give me the odd tip.

Short to me and my equipment:

I have recently complete my. system switched to FULL-HD.
Have 2 Sony EX1, DATAVIDEO HS 2000 mobile video studio, as Recoder AJA CI PRO.
I did everything properly connected (HD cable).
Also I have made all the settings (; all 1080i 50)

In my 1.Project I have the sound (; music system tape) and a live micro s.den DATAVIDEO HS 2000 and of connected there, have in the AJA CI PRO and a wedding aufgenommen.Soweit everything OK.

Everything seemed to function normally and that I was looking forward kann.Dann present the people a considerable Video ... after 1 hour was on the screen of my Recoder folgede message: "dropped frames" and the recording is simply stopped. I thought nothing of it at first but as it went into the evening when the music was louder than the people started feeling began to make the recorder every minute (;!!) s.die stop recording.

Then I had called him with my seller and this problem geschildert.Doch this problem it was not bekannt.So we caught the error to s.nach suchen.Zuerst we had the recorder against a DATAVIDEO HDR 40 ausgetauscht.Doch helped synonymous not.
This recorder broke the Recording s.wie as its predecessor (; AJA CI PRO). Then we have replaced the mixer .... It's all helped nix.Auch a demand for DATAVIDEO could further help us.

From my perspective, I can only explain the following:


1.the data rate is too high, so the recorder can immediately use or

2.dadurch that I close with my equipment s.der stereo stand,
upfront vibrations which the recorder does somehow interfere.

Bin for each synonymous even the smallest hint appreciated.

Antwort von WoWu:

How did you get the time-code married?
Once you've tried an external TBC between the mixer and recorder, maybe running in the mixer is not in the same clock.
Have you ever seen the TC s.der termination point? Abnormalities?
Show synonymous even know if the TC is properly counted (European). 0-49 and all the Fields.

If the error occurs on synonymous, unless you record on card?

Causes 1 and 2 I consider them irrelevant.

Antwort von Alf_300:

In my search for SSD drives synonymous was talk that the controllers are often poor

Antwort von alda134:

I am always with the hard drive auf.Mit the CF card I have not tried it yet.

I have no time code settings s.den verändert.Habe they kept as they (factory settings) waren.Ich know myself but synonymous not so good with it!

I once made a home test:
I connected everything and run times can be.
Everything went perfectly, with no interruptions and all about 4 hours!

That is to say of the timecode settings produced, I would say that it's OK.
What I would still be interested in is: how do I put defective mov. Restore the files CS5 not import. can.

Antwort von tommyb:

how do I put defective mov. Restore the files CS5 not import. can.

This is not so simple. Habs tried it myself but the Quicktime container is so tricky, since not even help the faking of a correct header using a hex editor.

At your Dropped Frames:
You are using hard disks in the recorder. If the original things that come with the recorder? I only have to assume that this maybe a very trivial feature could have, namely a fall sensor (yes, maybe not synonymous).

Would it be possible that the car parks the drive head at the slightest vibration? If she does this constantly, then at some point, of course, the internal buffer is full and it is necessary to dropped frames.

Only as a guess ... really go and try it with solid state storage (SSD, CF, what are synonymous).

Antwort von Valentino:

As TommyB writes, try with high-quality permanent memory.
Especially when it comes R1 shoots at concerts, helicopters and other polluted locations in the use of hard disks repeatedly dropped frames. For this reason, Red synonymous RedDrives no longer ago. For acceleration of 1G hard disks are not just built.
Especially with the record KiPro just on the very good SxS Pro cards.
If you have an EX, then yes you should have a few memory cards.
Otherwise, simply choose another player, such as nano-flash recording onto CF cards.
In the long term the hard drive will be synonymous only as an archive medium in question, but at ever lower SSD (120GB/200 ¬) probably synonymous only a matter of time.

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