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DVCPro HD 1080i/50i Workflow mit AVID und AE

1080i/50i DVCPro HD workflow with Avid and AE

Frage von Michael85:
Juni 2006

Hi Folks,

I'm s.The processing of DVCPro HD material and dared not come easy with a clear workflow. For editing, I use Avid Xpress Pro HD 5.2 and After Effects 7.0. The source files are MXF files from the HVX200. Since I have absolutely no experience with this format, it could be that now follow a pair of "stupid" questions. =)

DVCPro HD will be incorporated into the Resolution1280x1080. As far as I understand it, the resolution must be brought before the car section at 1920x1080. When I was a project in AVID "1080/50i" select and import the files into the timeline happens synonymous. (1080/50i is at all correct?) Please correct me if I'm wrong. Now I would like to further process the data in AE. Since AE does not support MXF files, I export them as QuickTime reference, TIF sequence or uncompressed AVI. Now I have two problems:

1. QuickTime reference has an impact on the quality. The video is somewhat desaturated and looks funny. Uncompressed AVI is about 10x as large as the source file. TIF sequence is about 4x as large as the source file. How am I going now s.besten save the video for no loss in quality and not synonymous 4-10 times the amount of data?

2. The file is saved with the Resolution1920x1080. How am I to make the composition settings in AE? 1920x1080 square pixels and 25fps? Or should I have the video but to export to AVID with the Resolution1280x1080? And what are these preferences "DVCPro HD 1080" material in AU? If I then take the picture so it is 1280x1080 and is compressed. Thus, it can have absolutely no more rational process.

I sincerely hope that some of you smart guys with the DVCPro HD workflow already familiar with and can help me.

Antwort von PowerMac:

A big mistake: DVC PRO HD is on 50i/25p 1440x1080 and not 1280x1080. Actually, you can jump in Avid DVCPROHD create one sequence. I am not sure if it goes into Xpress Pro HD. The question is whether you jump into a 1080-HD sequence are cutting or DVCPRO HD with 1440x1080 and just live entzerrst.

Why are you so funny exportierst to After Effects? You can download the original DVCPRO HD files via Quicktime in After Effects open (7) and editing. 1080/50i The default setting is correct. It determines frame rate and pixel aspect ratio. [/ B]

Antwort von spontanheli:

I think because you understand what is wrong. HDV is 1440x1080. DVCpro HD 1080 is 1280x1080. That you can read in any report, even for Wikipedia. And the problem with exporting to AE ensteht fact that AE can not read the MXF files. So I'm looking for a different optimal solution to the files for export to AE. Unfortunately, still without success :-(

Antwort von PowerMac:

I understand nothing at all wrong. Again, your DVCPRO HD is 1440x1080. Basta. What you've read, apply to U.S. models. 1280x1080 at 60i. 1440x1080 at 50i/25PsF. This way, you can read synonymous in the Wikipedia.

I do not understand your problem. The MXF you can not import into AE. So open the P2 to Avid and "import" the DVCPROHD. Export it as normal as a Quicktime file that is in the "DVCPRO HD, 50i, 1440x1080" in it. Since no quality is lost. This is the original DVCPROHD in a Quicktime container. If it looks dull, is the representation in DVCPROHD AE "unfinished". Have you worked material in AE and imported into Avid? Does it still "desaturated" look like? I say no. If you still do that, then choose Motion JPEG with 75% quality in Quicktime as a transfer format.

The Resolutionmuss before the cut is not brought to 1920th This will automatically equalized. 1440x1080 anamorphic be equalized to 1920x1080. Therefore, a sequence with lay 1440x1080 (16:9) to equalized. So you can work natively directly. Nothing else goes under the AU preset DVCPRO HD 1080/50i. [/ B]

Antwort von schnittweise:

Hi Power Mac. Have now spoken with my teachers. He said synonymous DVCPro HD has a Resolutionvon 1280x1080.

Synonymous Here is a quote from Wikipedia:
It should be noted that DVC PRO HD has a slightly lower horizontal Resolutionals HDV (1280 rather than 1440 columns). The advantage is that, as in DV, in contrast to HDV only every single picture is compressed (I-frames only) and still images are not summarized synonymous groups, which leads to loss of quality.

Sorry but there is nothing of "American models"

Synonymous've figured out why the QuickTime Referenzdatein of Avid that looked "blas". There was s.dem space. Avid stores the files in a different color space, such as AE. One can not fix it in the source file in AE reinterpreted.

Antwort von schnittweise:


las of PowerMac not make you mad. DVCPro HD is natively 1280x1080. He stumbles only on the Avid DVCProHD in 1440 is what the Plblem of Avid's and not of DVCPro HD. Why do not you take one lossless codec?

Antwort von PowerMac:

I'm sorry, but I'm right.

1920x1080 is saved at 1440x1080 in 50i on tape, DVC PRO HD and P2. I'm not stupid. I just looked again into Final Cut Pro.

1280x1024 x 60 fields = 100 Mbps = 1440x1080 x 50 fields

Antwort von kitanai:

PowerMac is right, the "trick" s.DVC PRO HD with 100MBit is that it just 4x DVCPRO (25) states, ie, 4 x is the DV DVCPRO NTSC Picture the Picture, so DVC PRO HD is twice as high and twice as wide as DVCPRO and 2 x 720 resulting 1440th 1440, the Width and the Height must be divisible by 4 is a 4:2:2 subsampling allow.

Antwort von Sabelli:

We have made the following experience: MXFs import into Avid Media Tool, and then over the export as Quicktime with Native Compression ". As you can then specify size 1440x1080, which the native Resolutionentspricht in Pal. The Quicktime Player and then displayed in 1920x1080 with the Avid DV100 codec. (The way you can at Avid Free Download)

So you have no new Compression but only a transformation into a new container, and an indication s.nun which DV codec for processing is responsible.

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