Infoseite // 16:9 format for DV camcorders

Frage von paschna:

Dear people who can tell me briefly what the older DV cameras that record to MiniDV takes up real 16:9 images. I can only choose between SonyPD 150 or 170 or Panasonic DVX 100th
Thank you very much,


Antwort von DeeZiD:

The DVX100 is definitely be able to record 16:9 anamorphic.
Incidentally, the DVX100 offers a 25p mode very useful.

Gruß Dennis


Antwort von krokymovie:

then you go out of true 16:9, can not get your cams above the offer. as a handheld with true 16:9 dv in the canon xl2 is reflective in.
if you only btwn the three cam can decide it would be important to know what you want to record.
pany to 25p as the most correct DeeZiD noticed this are Sony's unbeatable at the lowlight.
tolle bilder deliver all three cams.



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