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Frage von iMaik06:


I take my television through the online recorder Save.TV ( on. When I give DIVX format s.and it is an AVI container with downloading transmitted.

I have a MacBook and a 16:9 television. The problem is that the images seem to 4:3 (720x540) are given in the presentation of films above and below and synonymous left and right black bars are.

When I see the films umcodiere and while the picture to 16:9 Cropper (720x405), the movie is really synonymous to the MacBook and synonymous displayed on the television (no bars).

Is there a possibility or a Mac software that can cut the bars without the film to re-encode? Here, I've lost every time and it takes forever synonymous each recording again to re-encode.

Has someone a solution to or even synonymous experiences?

Thanks for the help.



Antwort von ChrisSimon:

Hi, puhh, wär ich mal so far ... when I look at the films and runterzieh by a toast to burn video DVD, I NEN strong misalignment of Sound and Picture nowhere .. I think a reasonable approach, to control ... Do you get random what?

Thanks in advance



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