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Frage von chrizzel:

Hi Everyone,

following problem is spreading:

A wedding was filmed with four cameras:
PAL 4:3 (; 1.094), DV AVI
PAL 16:9 (; 1.4587), mpeg
AVCHD 16:9, 1920x1080 (, 1.0) HD video. M2ts Files
PAL 16:9 (; 1.4587), DV AVI

with Premiere CS 4 it will be processed and the target is a PAL 16:9 format.
Project Sequence: PAL Widescreen

Problem: The videos look very pixelated in premiere.

When I work with the quality setting in the Preview window is partly, but the jerky AVCHD. Is my Pc (; 2x2, 13 Ghz Dual Core, Nvidia 7900GTO, 3GB RAM) is too slow?
How do I make the settings for all four formats to unite or to regulate the rendering of himself after the?



Antwort von matthew:

try the mpeg, and the avchd format material in a less compressed coding. lossless codec, in any case prefer.

that with the 4:3 material to stand out ever since because you have to set the scaling to 133% for the broad yet completed. if this is cam very important to consider if it were, to create a 4:3 project, with appropriate letterbox ...

gruß .. mat


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