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Frage von fox1982:

Hello community!

I have been following the forum here for some days, and even post now because I voted for exactly my question yet found noAntwort ;-)

I want with my PowerShot G2 Camera System in 720P HD short product videos (max 1-2 minutes, a few settings) position. To cut this (simple transitions, a company logo and title insert), I've bought Magix VDL 17th

Now I have noticed that the video is the format of the Cam (AVCHD) supported, but my PC was far below the required standards for the native interface:
Office Calculator with Core 2 Duo 3 GHz, 2GB RAM, 32bit Win7, a 450 GB hard drive (probably synonymous not the fastest), onboard graphics.

I have read that there may be an intermediate format of the section a solution and this solution would bother me not synonymous, since the clips are very short indeed, so the conversion time remains in the frame.

Where can I now close: Which (for my PC and Magix optimal) intermediate format should I choose?
I have the "Magix Video" tried format, but this seems very suspicious that the file is hardly larger than the AVCHD (mts.) File (eg mts 12.9 MB -> 14,1 MB mxv) (mxv.) . I can (my first short test clips) as mxv play, better than MTS, but I am afraid that the first test of effects re-checked.

I have read some of that synonymous MPEG2 is used as an intermediate format, but I can Converter Magix stack up. Select 720x576 pixels with MPEG2, and I want the HD resolution, if not lose.

I have the 950MB 12.9 MB mts clip synonymous in unkomprimmiertes AVIkonvertiert, as he has. Would fit on the HDD in my short clips, but probably is not the synonymous ideal?

- What can intermediate format do you recommend for my application (conversion available in Magix batch converter, or with a free tool available)?

- Did I miss something else important - for example, that I with the onboard ram Grafik/2gb ... should not even think of cutting or something? ;-)

Thanks for all tips!


Antwort von Frank B.:

Check out Edius Neo on. Thus, it could be something.
This has a synonymous Intermediatecodec it. On my laptop with 2 x 2.2 GHz so I can edit AVCHD Full HD - when converted to the Intermediatecodec.


Antwort von fox1982:

"Frank B." wrote: Check out Edius Neo on. Thus, it could be something.
This has a synonymous Intermediatecodec it. On my laptop with 2 x 2.2 GHz so I can edit AVCHD Full HD - when converted to the Intermediatecodec.

I know that there are 50-10 common editing programs and any another place better. But I bought the first video attempts Magix VDL, and would therefore be grateful to receive the tips I can implement with this program.
If I have gained experience and stumble s.die limits of the program I see my course to other Programs.


Antwort von scrooge:

Most of Avid DNxHD times
It's free. It makes the files much larger but spared the NLE synonymous then the intense real-time decoding.

CineForm neoscene
I like better, but costs (converted) about 100 ¬. Can not you install a trial version but synonymous.

I tried with several NLEs habs schonmal synonymous with Proxy section, ie render all the clips down in a converter in the files that have the same name and extension. For editing, effects, etc. with this proxy files to work, only use for the final rendering then the high-resolution clips.
For video Deluxe is synonymous worked, but the sound was then asynchronously.
Solution with the proxy, the finished sound clips Export as WAV. Then the clips against the high-quality exchange, Project Open, want to mute audio tracks and move to a separate track your final mix.
Sounds complicated, but really easy and gives you the editing on older computers a brisk workflow.

Good luck!



Antwort von Frank B.:

With your Magix I know nothing about at all, so do not know if there's ever a Intermediatecodec. Possibly. helps you synonymous Proxy - section in the first only in SD-Resolutiongearbeitet/gschnitten is and is then transmitted in retrospect this section on the HD data. I you can not synonymous to tell whether your program supports this.


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