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Magix brings its own format converter of rudi - 16 Nov 2007 13:25:00
The new MAGIX Total Media Converter provides a single interface on many audio - video - and photo formats to convert to. The batch conversion is possible. There are many presets for various devices such as iPods and Playstations, but synonymous Xbox or Wii is available. Compared with several freeware solutions should be hardly here and the legality of codec licenses worry. But you pay for the package, however, synonymous 79.90 euros.

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Antwort von MichaelHolm:

What can be done? Magix adheres because unfortunately very cloudy. For photos, at least, is "embellished" specified. The buying criteria for how similar Converter Procoder is for many users but the possibility of DV - video using additional features such as color expansion or smart deinterlacing a better look to give. If at this price Magix similar features have been good, about what.


Antwort von snowy:

ixvid-compatibility is there, or can the converter with third-party codeks well fed?
although .. die jungs ham s.xvid of magix yes because sometimes disregard of the gnu finger burned, I'm curious ....



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Magix brings its own format converter

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