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AVI aus SD DV (Sony PC101E) verlustfrei konvertieren? welches Format

AVI from SD DV (SonyPC101E) lossless convert? which format

Frage von Neutrum9:
Mai 2009


is it possible a 12 GB Avi "lossless" in a different format to convert?

Had the proper format MP4? If not, what then?

Would convert the space? Currently I have about 500GB s.filmmaterial of SD Times.

What tool could I use? Provided I currently have Premiere Elements, the current version.

Background is synonymous, that I am using the WD TV HD Media Player from the SD Times AVIs directly and without the hassle of changing tapes and coils on the TV would like to view.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


You will edit in any further loss of something, but does so in borders

So MP4 H.264 is already synonymous ok MPEG2 quite good ....

I would use MPEG2 and then ne MP4 draus make.
Elements should be quite good at.

B. DeKid

Antwort von tommyb:

You've already mentioned how a number of ways. However, as DeKid still a possibility between MPEG2 and h264 forgotten. This is MPEG4 ASP, used synonymous to DivX or XviD synonymous.

When you had your concerns by the various codecs at various advantages and disadvantages.

+ You can easily edit (for later)
+ Can be used very quickly encode
+ Dominated interlaced format (; player recognize the synonymous)
+ Is synonymous as a video DVD without umcodieren
- Compression is not as good, requires a lot of space / bitrate should look to good

MPEG4 ASP (; XviD and DivX)
+ Can be quickly encode
+ Good Compression
+ Playable on many MPEG4 compatible DVD players
- Interlaced is possible to detect many players but not
- Poorly edited, if the I-frame interval is too big

MPEG4 AVC (; h.264)
+ Smallest file with the same quality as MPEG2 and MPEG4 ASP
- For good quality long must be encoded
- Interlaced possible, but like MPEG4 ASP
- Absolutely not editable if possible with maximum quality encoded
- No support of DVD players

Your WD TV HD can all play this format. For h264 will probably only work with certain profiles, but it should be synonymous go. Depending on how quickly and well you want to compress your collection, you need to decide between the three.

If you like the right size no preference, you want your material and edit it to be synonymous interlaced can be represented: MPEG2

Do you want a very small file with good quality, editable and whistling on interlaced playback: h.264

Everything in between: MPEG4 ASP

Antwort von Neutrum9:

Hello and good morning,

thanks for the detailed answer.

In this particular case I am really only a matter of "altte SD material, which is partially cut, s.meinem FullHd LCD TV on the WD HD TV to play. For me, this is the easiest way, if it is functional.

Meet wishes WD TV does not play the AVIs that I with "Windows Movie Maker" was imported. I know the program is not the winner, would probably prefer to use Premiere.

Before I get everything Umcodieren must again, I could indeed all the material again and restore the same when applying to a mp4 format or?

I think Premiere batch conversion may not be mistaken, or am I there?

thx and nen schönen Sonntag.


Antwort von tommyb:

Possibly, but not necessarily to be recommended, except your calculator does h.264 in real time to encode. Although with reduced configuration, but then you can take synonymous like MPEG2.

The material was given on the plate and in the Movie Maker has been recorded is in fact DV and the WD will be your TV does not handle.

For the first test you can get the program SUPER to take the video to transcode.

Antwort von Neutrum9:


the Maker of Movie files are created. avi files. The actual gem. Product specification of the WD HD TV can be played.

However, it is not.

I'm now of the WD supplied Arcsoft Media Converter program and my lass. Avis "umcodieren" also in a file with the extension. Avi, I can watch this new file. ?

If I were the tips correctly, would be for my project file mp2 correct. The DV quality should not deteriorate significantly, editability is incidental. Today, virtually unlimited disk space available.

Now a question Umcodieren / transcode or re-direct restore of tape and then save it to mp2.

A note s.Rande ... on my FullHD LCD is impressive to see how great a FullHD Cam in Comparison to the older "MegaPixelCam" is. The FullHD material out of the Cam is razor sharp. That's pretty fun.



Antwort von tommyb:

AVI is just a container. The extension of the file says absolutely nothing about with the video codec which has been encoded.

Codec can be: DivX, Indeo Video 5, Huffyuv, DV, etc.

The Movie Maker plays on the material of your camera as a DV. This is a standard of the stream directly on the tape is located, is digitally via Firewire cable and 1:1 on the PC is playing.

Most Windows programs now take AVI as a container and grab since it is this purely DV data. These data could just as well in a Quicktime file to be embedded (that is the AVI counterpart on the Mac).

Your hard drive can play the AVI container encoded with DivX. Or XviD. Or generally MPEG4 ASP. You now throws AVI files to it as the DV codec using your plate they can not play. Just as it would expire when the codec Intel Indeo Video 5
So have your files AVI as a container and have a DivX codec to use on the device to be playable.

Antwort von Neutrum9:

Hello TommyB,

many Dankf for your detailed reply.

The theme is probably much more complex than I had suspected.

Are there qualitative differences between different codecs in the AVI container that are embedded? DV is 1:1 or less without material loss.



Antwort von tommyb:

Qualitative differences exist, only if we sacrifice quality in order to reduce the file size.

DV has always precisely 25 Mbit / s, ie every second of DV is 3.125 megabytes in size. Follows at approximately 60 minutes DV

Video 25 Mbit / s (DV) = 11250 MB
Audio 1.536 Mbit / s (PCM) = 691 MB
Total = 11,941 MB for 1 hour

DV is not as efficient as other codecs. The strengths of IT are in cutting - other codecs may be suitable for less (especially if you have a somewhat weaker system).

MPEG2 can achieve a similar quality as DV at 8 Mbit / s. This would make the file have been only one third as large. Compressed at the same time the sound, then this is synonymous only 1 / 8 tall. Looks like this:

Video (MPEG2)>> 8 Mbit / s = 3600 MB
Audio (AC3)>> 192 kbit / s = 86 MB
Total = 3686 MB for 1 hour

Let us now MPEG4 ASP (eg DivX / XviD), then we can make the bit rate to approximately 4 Mbit / s down (incidentally, is exactly 4000 kbit / s). Audio can be compressed with MP3, because it can handle the AVI container.

Video (XviD)>> 4 Mbit / s = 1800 MB
Audio (MP3)>> 160 kbit / s = 72 MB
Total = 1872 MB for 1 hour

And if we now take h.264, then the bit rate could, in principle, synonymous to 3 Mbit / s to be lowered. The sound can be compressed with AAC, which is much more efficient than MP3.

Video (x264)>> 3 Mb / s = 1350 MB
Audio (AAC)>> 80 kbit / s = 36 MB
Total = 1386 MB for an hour

You see then that only means of modern h264 aac and the File of 12GB at just 1.5 GB can be reduced. The exact compression is, however, of image content dependent. Do you have 40 minutes schwarzes Picture, the file may be synonymous only 300 MB. A visible loss of quality will probably not arise - but this may not be synonymous again of the settings from. You Reduzierst the h264 bitrate of up to 1 Mbps, the file shrinks while strong, is all but synonymous unansehlicher.

Antwort von Neutrum9:

Hello TommyB,

again many thanks for this information.

In turn, this means that the Umcodieren my DV material, for example, in the very efficient h.264 much computing power takes time and probably synonymous.

Is the quality of the material then recoded h.264 with 3Mbit / s compared with the DV material.

DV material on the FullHD TV is already visible anyway worse than HD material. I can live with low loss.

Thanks and greetings


Antwort von bgk:

Hi Everybody,

maybe someone has a few useful settings for MPEG2 -, MP4, etc.

Antwort von Neutrum9:


that would be almost a "SUPER" thing. Have the SetupExe already loaded.

Install I can only tonight s.Media PC ...



Antwort von tommyb:

"Neutrum9" wrote:
Is the quality of the material then recoded h.264 with 3Mbit / s compared with the DV material.

Not necessarily. It depends how I said all of the image content. A person s.Rednerpult stands and holds a speech does not require as much of a good bitrate should look like a DV gerdrehter action movie or sports. This is with the type to do such as codecs compress.

How exactly will expire - if you are interested in - is available on the Internet at Wikipedia (MPEG4 ASP, etc).

Generally, if you already have rather than with a so-called quality factor encode. This means that the encoder receives a particular quality as a reference (eg in percent) and trying to keep this quality - consistently. In scenes not in the much needed bitrate is used less, the more need to get more.

Antwort von Neutrum9:


Now I have half the evening trying on a movie Premiere Elements umzucodieren.

If I as a target format h.264 (1920 +1080 i) choose not need my calculator just slowly about 4 hours per 1 hour DV material. That is definitely me too long. (approx. 50 hrs DV material to be converted.)

Currently I am trying to MPEG2, there Premiere Elements of an approx time 1 hour before. That would be acceptable.

The question is what should set Resolutionich. DV is no 1920x1080 material. To that extent, yes Scalieren of the TV FullHd make.



Antwort von tommyb:

It makes no sense to 1080i DV hochzublasen order to encode it.

1. takes too long
2. provides no better
3. consumes unnecessary space

Antwort von Neutrum9:


SUPER I've now installed.

It just overwhelmed me ....

Had someone may have a workable setup for me for my SD DV material with as little loss of quality umzucodieren, making it on my WD TV can be played?

This format can stream: Video - MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, AVI (; MPEG4, Xvid, AVC), H.264, MKV, MOV (; MPEG4, H.264)

I would be very grateful.



Antwort von gtime:

"Neutrum9" wrote:
SUPER I've now installed.

It just overwhelmed me ....

Had someone may have a workable setup for me for my SD DV material with as little loss of quality umzucodieren, making it on my WD TV can be played?


has been one the best settings for SUPER and the WD HD TV found. I have already searched a lot, but unfortunately found nothing suitable.

Thank you

Antwort von jazzy_d:

There is not the optimal settings. As already written several times it depends on personal taste, and other intentions of the content of the videos. Just take a small snippets and try is s.einfachsten. Perhaps even learn something.

Antwort von Neutrum9:


I've now found my best einsgtellungen.

AVI container
Video codec MPEGII with 9600 k / bit
Audi MP3 codec with 192 k / bit

It runs smoothly on the tv wd. And with the quality I'm satisfied now synonymous.

Any edits I do with the original DV material mostly lossless. The conversion / transcoding I only do so WD TV as a convenient solution to the playing can be used.



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