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Frage von felixbonobo:

would like to connect my mini dv cam videocam with my funk. Recording function has the only mini-dv cam fierwire or mini dv connection. The radio has a digital camera connections only chinch. Is it possible to cinch of dv firewire or transferred to entrance and there are adapters for that? Thanks for reply


Antwort von Stefan:

With a box between DV Camera and Wireless Camera Receiver named AVDV converter could walk.

For the safety of the dealer to describe the purpose and buy what is suitable for it. If it is not fit, you can return it then.

The ugly s.der solution is the power of the converter. For the digitization of analog to digital a few chips must be supplied. Usually this is done through a power supply (a hindrance for mobile recordings) or a six Firewire connector (has not), the camera.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


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