Infoseite // Analog Capture with Premiere Pro 1.5?

Frage von n-gageboy:

I have Premiere Pro 1.5, and an old Hi8 camera, I have a chinch plugged to USB. With any other program that works capturing, not only for Prem. Only the Firewire interface it recognizes.
Lees Can anyone?



Antwort von Markus:

With any other program? The USB capturing support but very few ... or I'm not up to date? What Programs have you tried? And why do not you take one, with which you can Capture?


Antwort von n-gageboy:

well it works for Pinnacle, WIN Mov maker, ..... etc.
Well, I thought to premiere ists better.
Regardless, I stop you were until Christmas, then I can capture via firewire with my XL1s Analog


Antwort von jasmin61:

Then the capture Aufnahemn but with a program which will import into Premiere, and ???!!!


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