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Frage von night220022:


I record with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 only in AVI format, or can I draw my data from the camcorder directly synonymous as MPEG2 or MPEG on hard drive?
I would like to leave burn movies onto a DVD that I can play in DVD player and the Qulitätsverlust I see it s.Television anyway, right?

So far, my only option I see about three hundred files individually in the MPEG2 format to export. Only this is quite time consuming. Can I speed this up?
The supplied program is the example of Panasonic, but the scene is not as good for detection and would therefore prefer to stay at Adobe.

Thank you very much


Antwort von Markus:


I know Premiere Elements is not enough to answer your question. However, I was the statement ...

"night220022" wrote: So far, my only option I see about three hundred files individually in the MPEG2 format to export.
... made a little puzzled. You are walking around each scene individually in order to MPEG2? - Alternatively, you could drag the desired files to the timeline and then export it in a train as MPEG2.


Antwort von night220022:

Thank you,

'm a novice and took me some time until I understood that.

Only this:
I keep my film clips as avi files, and only after I have all the desired on the timeline I export the "film".

Have only one problem:
I can move in a sequence, the beginning and the end of the In and Out points, so I get on a shorter timeline. What am I doing if I want rausschneiden in the sequence, a middle piece. Do I have to duplicate the sequence and then work with the In and Out score or can I use the razor blade. But I do not get out plausible. Perhaps someone can give me a detailed description of how I can rausschneiden a center piece of a sequence.

Thank you!


Antwort von AxelM:

You were already on the right track. To cut out a center piece of a sequence s.besten you take the razor blade.

You make the incisions and s.Anfang s.end the part that you want rausschneiden. Then you can decide between the remaining parts still set a transition.



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