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Weiterer 4K-Camcorder JVC-Prototyp auf der CES

Another 4K camcorder JVC prototype at CES

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Januar 2011

Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: Another 4K camcorder JVC prototype at CES

Antwort von Axel:

As said Master Eder, as once again moved a mountain of dishes like magic, fell to the ground? "Now all licked Wed mitanand s.Orsch!
The new selling point, the name was: HD Ultra!

Strangely, in dishwashing detergents called Ultra a concentrate. Small bottle, just rinse away much wie'n two-liter bucket.

For camcorders the next round starts counting the pixels, but there are other features of a video film, but they are so stupid.

What was the other way, 4k video camera?

Antwort von pilskopf:

"Axel" wrote:

For camcorders the next round starts counting the pixels, but there are other features of a video film, but they are so dof.

I was so free and have you corrected. : D

4k's kind of ridiculous. If a real film camera, the cool is so synonymous reasonable but if you are not produced for the movies but total bullshit.

Antwort von Ian:

The design is not bad.

Antwort von toxitobi:

@ Axel

The title should probably be honest this:
Another JVC prototype: 4K camcorder at CES

Or am I the news message of the other 4k camcorder've read;)

Greeting Toxitobi

Antwort von Harald_123:

The part I will interest me very much if the input dynamic range should be "large".

Antwort von Commanderjanke:

I will not really know what this Auflösungshochgepushe who get most of it in large part to exhaust Manufacturer's not even full HD, what is to contact the nonsense with 4K? I like the Manufacturer should focus on the currently dominant format was concentrated trien Yes Full HD will be. You can see it in the DSLR-taking pictures since the Videoaufnhamen away but for the most part a good deal of Full-HD.

Antwort von WoWu:

I am surprised again and again how quickly inspire but editors are all nonsense and print easily, without any substance.
there is some placed a blurred and dark imaged camcorder and someone speaks of Ultra HD.
If the supply is really with 144 Mbit / s should work, solely in the H.264 baseline profile in question. The quality ranges then just for video Conferencin.
A simple high profile, would therefore no real image quality with a Resolutionvon 2560x1920 with 169 Mbit / s would start, so roughly at the indicated Resolutionbei. 300 Mbit / s.
If one were to give such a "challenging" camcorder then a decent profile, would be a High10 announced and we talk about around. 450-500 Mbit / s.

And then we were at the sensor resolution .... and the associated size. A beam of light, the expansion of approx. 500 nm Do we want to calculate how big a pixel of a usually assembled chips at the Resolutionist?
Alternatively, would a journalist can figure out times the size of the sensor should be, more than anything, except to produce mud.
And the editors are perhaps synonymous ever considered how such would Lenses for such Resolutionauszusehen?

Dear Editor .... why do you actually shows so little interest, those ducks after substantial time researching?

Does it really carry with you no more than a blurred picture of a GY HD10 (or equivalent) to become such an article?
Is not it enough if the ultra-super Hirni pretend DSLR in Netzt?
Must it be now synonymous the ultra super cheap and Bestversion a camcorder?
My God .... again a thread for a ton.

Antwort von Harald_123:

"WoWu" wrote:

If one were to give such a "challenging" camcorder then a decent profile, would be a High10 announced and we talk about around. 450-500 Mbit / s.

This has been going with much less Mbps. How exactly in detail, I do not know.

They could live to marvel at the IBC2010. There video was transferred with 34 megapixels per frame - with 100 Mbps. At least, the statement of the stand personnel. The cost for the incredibly good quality was huge. (The SHV signal has been divided to 8 x 1080p60.)

If the statement should have been the stand staff misunderstood and the 100 Mbps per 1080p60 stream should have been present, it would mean 4K for a signal about 200 Mbps (= 8 * 8 * 100/32).

Antwort von WoWu:

Yes, Harald, but SHV is a packager. But here is the talk was of AVC.
Such Packager it, since it is digital television. But they refer to whole transponder channels and serve only to use the redundant components from the different transmissions.
Well, I would like to read in there again. But as I have understood NHK at the last NAB.

In this respect, it is here at AVC, because in a single channel with SHV nothing, or making it only marginally.

Antwort von Harald_123:

I would go out at 144 Mbps and affordable Optics synonymous not believe that it will be of the "real" 4K what Resolutionangeht.

But for some documentaries in the industrial area, I think that even for much better than "almost real" 720p50, what with my 35 Mbps MPEG-2 is currently available.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Axel" wrote:
... What was the other way, 4K camcorder? ...

Probably the JVC KY-F4000, haunts the last few years as a prototype on various shows. Soon they will probably come in fact to the market if synonymous in an entirely different league than the consumer: 1.25 "- CMOS, 10-bit 4:4:4 with two HD-SDI outputs, expected price in the range of 200,000 dollars.

Antwort von WoWu:

I say this fully Commanderjanke to content.
As long as the companies it does not even succeed in 1080, both of the optics to bring as synonymous of the Resolutionin to a quality to the audience, justifying further development, I would follow so still not a topic.
And certainly not as "editorial staff" mount such a fake and some Hirni, go with blurred, dark photos of cameras to the glue.

If you ever look at the NHK development, you get a sense of what is actually UHDV and how far we still of a consumer camera UHDV away.
That there will be such developments, is it quite out of question.

Antwort von mella:

A simple high profile, would therefore no real image quality with a Resolutionvon 2560x1920 with 169 Mbit / s would start, so roughly at the indicated Resolutionbei. 300 Mbit / s.

So rather Wowu,

Although I am certainly not so in the matter as you, but you see the 28 Mbit of Sonyand Panasonic for 1080p60 as video conferencing quality?

I mean, if I compress four such streams together and (glued together pixel-accurate and synchronized) would play again, I should have my HD Ultra-Resolution, at a data rate of 4 x 28 = 112 Mbit. That would be even less than the 144 Mbit. And with a quality of which I personally would dream for video conferencing;)


Antwort von WoWu:

Unfortunately you can not stick together and AVC streams happens to be standardized.
It is a naive idea to add Resolutions simple. This would mean that one can extrapolate a pixel of linear and are always the same tools for coding the application and temporal factors play no role more ..
But in similar simplistic considerations of Hubug probably is.
My recommendation: A look at the Standard and the functioning of the codec. With special emphasis on the two numbers in the profile / level. Each of these two figures, namely a specific meaning.

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