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Frage von rudi ratlos:

Hello fellow sufferers,

Studio Pros 10.5.0 could be on my PC (P-4-520, 2.8 GHz, 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9550-128MB to install WinXP SP2 with all current patches) right away without any problem and runs synonymous with good performance (comparable with Studio 9) without any crashes during processing or rendering. Of course, I have run in the studio working with any additional applications or unnecessary system processes.

But now the disappointment:

Test Project:
MPEG movie file (recorded with Dazzle DVC150B) with just under 2h. Runtime. With the cutting tool divided into 42 short clips without any additional inserted transitions or effects. Simple mehrseitges menu with 42 entries, according to the Clipanzahl.

Test 1:
Film as an MPEG file. In the preview, all is well. After rendering approximately 3h., 90-100% CPU utilization) (moving to the sound s.Filmende. That is, the film is already over and stops, the last word from the sound is cut off.

Due to the poor (already) experience with Studio 9 and MPEG files in terms of synchronicity, I did it, which helped in such cases at Studio 9:
The MPEG movie file into an empty project, and without any editing the whole movie as a DV-AVI export. Subsequently, this AVI file into a new project and added to processed.

Test 2:
By osFilm as an AVI file (generated as previously described, with Studio 10). In the preview, everything is clean again synchronously. After rendering (approximately 3 hours, 90-100% CPU utilization) is running the sound s.Filmende still more after, than with the use of film as an MPEG file. That is, if the film stops s.end is now no longer just the last word from the sound cut off, but several words.

Tentatively, I have the same AVI file with Studio 9.3.5 (the only studio 9 version, which for me has always been absolutely stable and provides useful results) is exactly the same process as before, with Studio 10 (42 clips). (After the rendering about 3 hours with only 65% CPU utilization) of the Pops: Everything tip top synchronously.

Conclusion: Studio 9.3.5 does it better.

If I have now bought my Studio 10 but already because of the good new features, I would like to use it synonymous. Hence my question:

How can we solve the osSychronitätsprobleme in Studio 10?
I am aware that you could export the MPEG-file "piecemeal" as an AVI, and these parts are then connected again in a new project. I have not tried this variant, because she is too cumbersome.
I also wonder why Studio 9 is able to process the film properly in one piece and Studio 10, not more. Is that the achievement of the acclaimed Liquid Engine?

Perhaps someone knows a better solution than the scheibchenweisen AVI export.

Many thanks for any assistance.


Antwort von Studio-Hasser:


I have made this experience in a similar way with Studio 9 and now synonymous studio 10 pros.
The problem is, in my view, the menu structure or the division of a film into chapters. After rendering the chapters never 100% frame accurate then jumped ig. (The sound is not synonymous, incidentally, the sample-sliced) suggests, are produced when compiling the DVD for significant errors. The software is unfortunately not well suited for authoring.
In the "preview" of course, everything is running well ... But since this has nothing to do with the expected result, which would have "specialists" of the Pinnacle can lubricate synonymous s.The cheek! And I'm still synonymous so stupid and get me Studio10Plus of Studio9 eigendlich although I should have known better ... :-(

Sorry, I could give you no positive answer.


Antwort von Andreas 68:

Had a similar problem when dubbing VHS to a TV card using Studio 9.0. In a 4-hour VHS s.Schluß runs after the sound completely, or the picture is too fast. Question now is whether we are next with Studio xy or try changing the software? Can you recommend something?


Antwort von rudi_ratlos:

Hello Studio hater

Your comments to render / compile are interesting and enlightening.
If you write "The software is unfortunately not well suited for authoring", then I ask you, or any other reader of this article:

Do you know a software that at least simple films (without over-upward effects and transitions) in good quality and 100% ig brings clean synchronously on DVD?

I've already tested with MAGIX VDL all possible encoder settings. The video quality is better with Pinnacle Studio despite its few simple controls.

I also liebäugle with authoring software of Adobe, Ulead, Canopus. But if one reads the relevant forums, one gets the impression that the user is not synonymous around are happy, and one wonders whether it is worth switching. As I said, puzzled Rudi

I look forward to your opinions and experiences.


Antwort von René:

"rudi_ratlos" wrote:

Do you know a software that at least simple films (without over-upward effects and transitions) in good quality and 100% ig brings clean synchronously on DVD?

searched and found himself a long time.
I had the audio problem for the stream with ner dbox2.
times it was, sometimes not.
I was just too stupid, so much read and tried.
synonymous dämlig what I found, almost every program wanted (although I have only cut) re-render. Who has time for that much for it?
is indeed synonymous rubbish, which render the cut!?

You'll get womble mpeg video wizard dvd and you're going on your problems ...

If it worked, it requires time in here.
or if anyone knows another überfliegerprogramm, her damit.

gruss aus berlin, rené.


Antwort von Voltz:

An alternative?
Simple, good and fast: Ulead DVD MovieFactory

The can is a mature, professional solution and dominates smartrendern that!


Antwort von René:

creates prog. synonymous NOT DVD compliant mpeg files (ie eg. header in the 15,000 kbps (Variable) are creating a data rate, sowas make some dopey dvb-ausspielstationen ...: (into a working DVD!?

Short example, just ran in the wallpaper:
4-part reportage of phoenix, so all 4 clips with 15,000 kbps stream in the header (why? Arrg!)
about 20 sections, with 22 chapters and sections, 3.4 GB size
finished in 4:22
and on ....



Antwort von René:

"Rene" wrote:

finished in 4:22

minutes I thought ....


Antwort von Voltz:

I'm concerned, the sender can choose what they want in their headers.
The program "MPEG Inspector" I find out the actual bit rate and with the "DVDPatcher" I downloaded the wrong patches header settings to DVD-compliant values.



Antwort von René:

already clear!
but you need just 2 programs that simplifies matters not just right away.

something different.
Why do some blödsinn the sender as one?
a playout center and the same header for dvb-s and dvb-t set?
Of unwissenheit one can not necessarily go out're all educated engineers ...


Antwort von Voltz:

Nagut, the MPEG inspector need only informative. The need not necessarily be so, but even the DVD Patcher.
However, the runterpatchen goes so fast and easy that it's really not an issue. Moreover, this is freeware, which are still not even installed. Besser geht's impossible! :-)

Why do some stations that?
I have no idea.
So far, I've always suspected, they want us simply a hard time (s) make. A DVD with 15,000 kbps is just not DVD-compliant and can no longer play on any DVD player. Perhaps this is the background? They just want to avoid that, we record the videos and burn to DVD.

I know it but not really.
Perhaps someone "technical" in the forum and can enlighten us again?


Antwort von rudi_ratlos:

Hello Voltz,
Hello René,

Thanks for your advice about alternatives to Pinnacle Studio.
After a creative break for the summer I will be now a renewed emphasis to the "video business".

The Ulead DVD MovieFactory seems that when I read the relevant testing and field reports, to really be a better choice for my purpose. In addition, the price is very humane.

A few questions remain:

1. Can the controlling MovieFactory synonymous the Dazzle DVC-150B? This box that is providing very useful calculation results in capturing the old VHS videos directly as MPEG files. As far as I know, the DVC-150 Drivers, however, only contained in the Pinnacle Studio version.
Alternatively, the import of the tapes would remain as AVI files using my Canopus ADVC-55 via FireWire.

2. Pinnacle Studio may be tolerated and Ulead DVD MovieFactory while installation?

3. Question s.René:
"womble mpeg video wizard dvd" I have never heard of. Where there is such software, what does it cost, and what can it do?

Thank you for tips and hints.
Greetings from Salzburg, Rudy.


Antwort von Voltz:

Hello Rudi,

to 1:
I do not possess the Dazzle, I can make no definitive statement about this.
But I have read, I think that the drivers are matched to Pinnacle products. It would surprise me if the Dazzle is the copiers with MovieFactory.
The ADVC but anyway I would prefer that the already have.

to 2:
For me they get along very well.


Antwort von René_:


nothing can control dazzle 150, except the pinnacle sch ...

womble can cut, join, create menus, dvd-compliant files, etc. Building ... program is German and I think quite simple.
But the main knaller: provides everything that the program works synonymous!

I got myself in the last week synonymous dvc150b the ark. so far I am relatively happy.

except this schmo software to ....
I'm going to do mal nen thread over to the other, which can not be ...

gruss, rené.


Antwort von rudi_ratlos:

Voltz Hello, Hello René,
Thanks again for your tips. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 and Womble Mpeg ... I will soon be taking in detail under the microscope. As it stands, I could then divide the whole of Pinnacle / Dazzle stuff.

For capturing, I can use my Canopus ADVC-55, if the interaction works with Ulead or Womble. The AVI files are generated for the further handling in any case a better choice than the MPEG, which provides the Dazzle.
Cut, DVD Menus and rendering going with Ulead or Womble. To any over-upward effects, I do not care anyway.

But what absolutely must be perfect, is the final Viedeoqualität on DVD - and that is indeed not bad at Pinnacle, if one has managed to get a DVD done.

If there are Viedeoqualität or specific encoder settings when you professional experience in the Comparison between Pinnacle, Ulead, Womble, or other authoring programs? What software is it? S.Besten Would be very interesting.

Best regards from Salzburg, Rudy.


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