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Frage von Pschniek:


I am planning a small Internet program, mainly in the studio (living room is rotated).
On display are of two moderators, we want the best possible start against easy.
I have first mobile audio recorders of TASCAM ZOOM H2 and the DR07 considered, but then I came to the realization,
that the Ansteckmikros (Lapel) are appropriate.

Q: what I can, with little price possible effort to connect the lavalier microphone for recording?

A Recorder is required for this, but with the best possible quality
and something like ZOOM H2 or Tascam DR07 I do not need, since the microphones s.Recorder itself, cause unnecessary for this last.

In short, a good and appropriate "only" recorder for the least money.

What do you think of it as:,id,917,pid,917,nodeid,3,_language,DE.html

Or could perhaps reach a perfectly ordinary digital voice recorder? (Quality?)

Hope you can help me because
Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Pschniek" wrote: ... In what I can, if possible, without large price effort, connecting the lavalier microphone for recording? ...
If your camcorder has a microphone input, that would be the best solution - if necessary with mixer-between for the two lavalier. Then you will save you the separate recorder and after the synchronization of the various recordings.


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