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Frage von Van:


I am looking for a camcorder, which focuses quickly.
I would like to avoid that arise when switching to a new object of a disturbing focus phases.

The Canon HF M306-I had already had himself in hand and the autofocus was quite fast.
Comparison to I have the Panasonic HDC-SD707 3Chip contribute because of the technology (the sharpness of moving objects and the colors looked very convincing so far) and the Panasonic HDC-SD66 for a direct Comparison Canon. The price plays a relatively minor role, since a long time I would so have a bit of an acquisition and am therefore prepared an appropriate price to pay.

I thank you in advance!



Antwort von srone:

s.schnellsten it is still of hand, but it comes in the targeted class of you not in question, since a prerequisite vollmanuelles is objective.
It is, however synonymous another problem, a fast autofocus (mechanical side) is a rapid detection of sharpness (elektronic) ahead, but this sharpness detection too sensitive, does this counter-productive, because if in doubt, (eg pivoting by a Fence ), the autofocus, fast but very uncertain "pumped", in such cases is to consult with a sluggish system better. here is then just quickness but not all.




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