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Avid: Probleme beim Betrachten von Videos

Avid: Problems viewing videos of

Frage von migge:
Januar 2007

hi leute,

I have a problem with avid: hab mir mal downloaded the demo, and now have the following problem: when I program a video to watch, although I hear the sound, but the building remains stuck at the first frame. only when I pause the playback, I see the current frame.

what is the reason? ich hab ne ati radeon card - could be a problem?

Antwort von rush:

latest video drivers ...

quicktime current (full) install ... could help

Antwort von Cpt_morgan:

Avid and ATI: this is a very bad constellation - the reference to another video card drivers are not fruchtet, you'll probably never get up and running.

Look at the HP of Avid at the system requirements for Avid software: Avid is the diva among the programs cut and synonymous if the Systemsspecs for most software companies in practice are not really relevant - for Avid is sadly different and therefore I recommend you at least an Nvidia graphics card and then preferably a Quadro FX. In my old calculator, I had a simple GeForce - worked, but not absolutely reliable and of the problem you described is definitely of the graphics card dependent (if you are looking for here in the forum, you will find contributions to cover without end).

My tip: if you really want to work with Avid, then take one certified workstation - saving you a heap of trouble. Possibly. yes brings the next update of the software some changes in terms of graphics card support (at least on the Apple Page ATI will be supported), but we do know that until the next version is released.

Antwort von rush:

strangely I had no problems yet in the constellation of avid xpress ati graphics cards and found ...

both ran on a variety of desktop systems (uswith radeon 9800pro) and on laptop with ati X600 grakas (both xp on pentium 4 systems and Centrino-based)

Antwort von Hogar:

Ich hab ne synonymous Avid and ATI and it runs everything fine. However, I have only one screen synonymous. That remains the Picture, depends mostly together with the overlay. Check it out if you're after a second monitor or TV output s.deinem system and have activated the switch, then it should go. If you have 2 monitors, you need but, unfortunately, probably a more expensive graphics card ... it is my conjecture.


Antwort von Vitrend:

What did you s.Hardware?
If the hardware is too slow, then something happens. I can imagine that the PC in the background rendering, and thus all the resources consumed (which may in itself be the best hardware). If you have the possibility (which software are you using?), Then switch the render in the background in order to test whether it lies.

Antwort von Garag:

Have the same problem. Already ne solution?

Antwort von Udo Schröer:

I use AVID LIQUID and ATI, no problems, as seen from your slice, yellow red or green?

Antwort von Vitrend:

sry, no time responding.
The slices should be s.besten gray, then the video is suitable for the timeline. effects when placed over it, or other changes in the video, the slice green. Otherwise, yellow, if they only have to render preview. Red is bad, and when the time synonymous after einigher not the color to yellow or green then move, there are two possibilities:
- Firstly, could Hintergrundrendern off the scarf you at the bottom of the icon Leite one (I hope you do not feel like a baby treats ;-))
- The second possibility is that the video with Liquid nothing can start. This may be the one codec reasons. And the Avid codecs, which can import it should play. (Whether it is synonymous with the demo so I do not know)

Antwort von alex-bt:

I have (you'll laugh) the same problem. and, unfortunately, hardly unknowing of technical details. I have now somehow all followed advice (quicktime 7.1.5 installed wmp 11 En-updates) and it still does not. have a DELL Inspiron 6400 notebook and an ATI Radeon X1300 graphics card. Ideas ..?

Thanks and greetings - Alex

Antwort von komakalle:


I wanted a program to 16bit color space in the graphics settings have. Once I had stayed in the Picture Avid plug and only the sound ran next. In Stop the updated frame again.
Back to 32bit and everything is running again. Except perhaps to weak hardware synonymous a source of error.


Antwort von mixmax:


it would be better just to clarify to what product and what version it is. At Liquid 7.x, most ATI and NVidia cards used - ATI Drivers not NEUER, as version 6.8.
Common reasons are synonymous problem like hardware raids times or if the video files to FireWire disks are.
Composer and Xpress For ATI cards are usually not recommended.

Antwort von joker:

"have a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook and an ATI Radeon X1300 graphics card."
AL works with ATI cards together well, but certainly not with the 1300-it, which you can safely forget. Only s.der 1600-he is a certain success experience, better jedocherst s.der X1800

Antwort von mcstudios:

Help! Have the same problem .... there is despair ... the modes yellow, green, yellow and green at the bottom of the timeline I've already tried. have an ATI Radeon 2600 XT drin ... Avid Xpress Pro HD 5th ... horrible .... no preview!
It is exactly the same problem as the opening of the thread says it has.

Look forward to your help!

Many love greetings,

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