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I have a huge problem. In Avid Xpress Pro HD, I've cut a video. The material I have in 25p and rotated it so synonymous eindigitalisiert in the Avid. The clip is now finished and for the levy, which is actually today (Monday) be, I wanted to create a DVD with Encore. When importing however came the error message "Encore does not support this framerate", when I was startled, and in fact: the Quicktime Reference, which I exported from Avid, has a frame rate of 24.09!
The movies are divided into 3 parts: the Opening Titles, the main movie and the End Titles .. When I export only the middle part I arrive at a frame rate of 25! Wonderful! When I export only the beginning: 22.6, only the end: 19,34
Can this possibly do with the track "EC1" to have .. For other projects, which I never run across the road. But unfortunately, I find the internet nothing to most, that EC stands for Edge code. Perhaps I can help even those who of you .. Is there a way to convert the whole project in 25 fps?

Many many thanks,


Antwort von Gast:

The Edgecode should have nothing to do with it. He plays only for the negative cutter in the average, have a negative role.

A stopgap measure on the fly:
Complete movie on tape and play to capture new. Then, the film has at least once throughout the same frame rate.


Antwort von Subbi:

huuuuu, it's gone well again .. My mistake, s.einer point, I had no real laid black, but only the "raw" timeline. Thus the whole frame rate has been changed ..
Now the movies on DVD and I'm happy;)


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