Infoseite // Avid Liquid 7 - The export as WMV does not work :-(

Frage von Murmeltier:


I've been working recently with Avid Liquid 7 and wanted something exkortieren as WMV. However, it appears a message that the codec is not installed yet.

I have found while in the program directory under "Install" Windows Media Format 9.5 Installer default, but it changes nothing and the message still appears and it will not be exported.

What am I doing wrong?


Antwort von Murmeltier:

Meanwhile, I've found that the export is only for the normal edition in Pal-quality. I get in HD quality then this message (I cut with HDV). This confuses me now total.


Antwort von Murmeltier:

The output in 720p is synonymous. Only the 1080s Resolutiongeht not. Is this a bug?


Antwort von masterkillmore:

For film TV video that I have read it with the same problems when exporting WMV, Hatten.

I have the program does not know that they (The editors corrected for film TV video the problem by installing the Windows Media Player 10.

gruß Benny


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Avid Liquid 7 - The export as WMV does not work :-(

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