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Avid und das Anlegen von Projekten für ein 35mm Filmprojekt

Avid and the creation of projects for a 35mm film project

Frage von Chris007:
März 2006

Hello Slashcam - User,

Work with Avid Pro and want to create a new project. Now it asks me questions:

How do I create my new project in Avid Pro to ausgespieles later my material onto a DV tape to send a copy to be able to work so that it can be copied to 35mm?

In the Pro Avid project settings, there are the following:

24p, 25p or 24i

Furthermore, I have heard that I understand the scriptures better in Photoshop, and should send separately generate the setter. In what size the fonts must be created in order to read it in the movies are not too big or too small, too?


Antwort von PowerMac:

You put a 25p Project, therefore, to PAL. Make sure that the Halbbildominanz is set to "Off". 25 @ do at the end of 24th See Manual, slow video for Filmausspielung.

Synonymous You should make sure that your deck or DV device is as well. MiniDV and movies on?

I would send the men preferred a DVD with uncompressed images in 2k or 1080p. When a DV tape, but want to make a digital 1:1 Ausbeleichtung with lasers, but only the quick filming. This is bad but probably cheap.

So just for text, logos, compositing, color correction, etc. Of the top s.in HD or 2k to work. You can hochkonvertieren yes. In return you will receive s.end a higher-quality results. The well-resolved relative to the font has a very low-resolution picture to a positive impression and sharp picture.

Antwort von Chris007:

Thanks for the quick reply

Unfortunately, when I turned up these questions:
How can I set in Avid Pro 2k or 1080p? And what does this mean?
Where do I then convert high?

25 @ 24 - OK, but why not just import with 24p?


Antwort von PowerMac:

I do not know whether your Avid is 24p. If Xpress Pro, then go 24p and HD.

If yes, then you can create your project as synonymous 24p,
but you can not play on tape, you can import any video footage.

Is that a movie with footage or just one spot out of the artificial Calculator?

Antwort von synthflut:

A film of DV tape to be normally hineingecaptured of the camera.

Aufjedenfall can create my Avid Xpress Pro, a 24p Project.

If I want HD, then I have yet to advance with an HD Camera take far as I know, right?

What does it mean ... setting 2k or 1080p?

Thank you,

Antwort von Markus:

"Chris" wrote:
If I want HD, then I have yet to advance with an HD Camera take far as I know, right?

That is correct. In this case, it makes no sense, the existing artificially inflate DV recordings. Are thus better not.

25p sounds plausible. However, I would vote these details with the copy center. The need to know exactly how the material must be designed so that it can be easily edited in the highest possible quality.

Antwort von PowerMac:

But this will be better by inflating.

If a good scaler will be taken, it increases the Resolutionetwas.
For graphics, color correction, compositing you have to go to HD. For graphics and effects are resolution independent and will be even better when applied to HD instead of SD.

Antwort von Chris007:

Get today probably have to talk again with the copy center. Furthermore, I have only a 3 chip camera without HD. Macht aber nix, because that will probably fold synonymous.

What a Resolutionhat the cinema format? Or did I understood something wrong, should not be synonymous inflated the Picture?

Greetings and thanks to you,

Antwort von superloony:

Hello again,

Can you tell me, which means an SD playout data in AVID?


Antwort von PowerMac:

Sorry, but this is the point s.dem it is funny that you are using an Avid, but the basics do not understand. I have no German Avid, but I think he speaks of a normal SD export with DV.

I would refrain of an SD processing. The reasons I have already written up next.
If your copy center still wants to SD, they are bad. Movies should already be HD or 2k. If you anlieferst your data into 2k, it will look good on 35mm. But if you anlieferst text Composting on SD, it looks less great.

Antwort von superloony:

Ok. Get well, either all on DVD as single images or a Digi-Beta tape delivered to the pressing plant. Then I'll be even bigger play s.einem Avid system.

Unfortunately, I could create anything about Project at 2k was found in my Avid Xpress Pro and not synonymous information on the Internet.

In addition, I would mean if interresieren with 1:1,78 - 16:9 is?
I know that a 16:9 camera shot would probably be better. And then a reading that the DV material into a 24p project. How can I set the right tone synonymous, and this does not slow down the pressing plant. If the fonts + logo will be sent separately to the imagesetter, of course, costs increase.

Or do I import the fonts as uncompressed Tif - pictures and grab those on a Digi-Beta tape, if I bring my Aviddaten (hard drive) to a large Avid system.

Nice weekend,

Antwort von Markus:

"Chris" wrote:
Unfortunately, I could create anything about Project at 2k was found in my Avid Xpress Pro and not synonymous information on the Internet.

Information about Google as with those keywords. ;-)

"Chris" wrote:
In addition, I would mean if interresieren with 1:1,78 - 16:9 is?

Yes, the 16:9 aspect ratio is the ratio 1:1,78 (16 divided by 9 is 1.78). ;-)

Antwort von superloony:

Well, unfortunately, have no HD camera available. But as I said when I connect the hard drive s.ein large system, it will probably fold synonymous, unless the movies that accepts a quality. Let's see.

Thank you,

Antwort von PowerMac:


0. Play your film in an anamorphic 16:9 PAL Project. Cutting times before already. Be careful with the time when the material runs more than 24p. No color correction or effects / compositing!
1. Place a 24p project with 1920x1080 or 2048x1080 (2K) referred to. If possible, choose "Uncompressed" or as DVCPRO HD codec. This may Xpress Pro.
2. Import your PAL footage into HD Project. For this purpose it must be on the HD Resolutionhochrechnen. And the duration increased by 4%, since the 25 frames must be compressed to 24 frames / second. Choose synonymous equal deinterlace. Then you will go the fields.
3. Create titles and animations in an animation program at 1920x1080 or 2K and in 24p. Play again s.Besten than uncompressed or DVCPRO HD.
4. Combine tracks and animations with the film. Composting on it, etc. apply only now turning to color correction. Set to music.
5. Play your project as a single sequence. TGA or TIFF images. You will naturally huge image files. Compress the folder as a zip file and burn to a (DL), DVD, or send to the imagesetter, the hard drive.
6. The platesetter is to expose the HD pictures on the light simply determining 1:1 on 35mm. If he has with nem Laserausbelichter and not with 35mm filming soon.

With the variant you
s.maximale control until the end.
b) Significant higher quality and resolution
c) will save you the Digibeta VTR because of the DVD / hard drive.
d) will save you money because you abnimmst the imagesetter expensive tasks. The hochkonvertieren no longer need expensive, deinterlacing. The are you equally good in quality + much better color correction and titles.
e) Do you have to not talk rubbish hinschicken separately. You send him a thing that is done. And of higher quality than of him. Title is separately dementia who only wants to earn money. But if you wish synonymous. So you let it.

Antwort von Chris007:

Super's'm gonna go check!

Nice day,

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