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Betacam --> DV-Player --> PC --> DVD-Recorder

Betacam -> DV Player -> PC -> DVD Recorder

Frage von iturbucz:
September 2005

Hello s.alle,

Of old Betacam recordings, I would like to transfer movies to a PC. I have no AV / DV converter, so I want to copy the first film to Mini DV. From Mini-DV, I would like - through Firewire - Copy on PC to change the DVD movies and burn them.

Do you have a better / simpler idea how to do it?

To this end, (collaboration with a computer) so I am looking for a recorder. It should be firewire or component inputs and have outputs should -RW/-R / + RW / + R (synonymous burn in NTSC) and can play everything possible.

Do you know such a device? `

Thanks for the reply.


Antwort von Markus:

Do you have a better / simpler idea how to do it?


when are you primarily comes to capturing images of analog Betacam to the PC (without the backup of the originals on MiniDV), then afraid / lend you a reasonable A / D converter, for example from Serie der Canopus-Wandler. Das spart Dir die Hälfte der Zeit...

Den zweiten Teil Deiner Frage ("To this end (with co-PC) I'm looking for ... ") I do not quite understand. Did you not burn the DVD authors with the PC?

Antwort von iturbucz:

Hi Mark,

thanks for the reply. Yes mainly it comes. We have somewhere, but be advised that it is better if one does not work with composite signal. The solution of Canopus - with YUV - was against ¬ 1,400 (ADVC-500). At Pinnacle to get the cheapest solution - synonymous with YUV - s.ca. 700-800. However, it is synonymous, a relatively expensive solution. With my question I wanted to somehow find a solution that does not cost so much. But I think that is the cheapest way from DV and USB.

Regarding the second question, I thought that it is better if you use a standalone recorder. This is - in my opinion - much better. It is true that this issue with DV material does not really matter, because you burn digital material into digital (MPEG2). The / before the codec is not stored in the burner, but used in the software. But I mean that there may always be necessary, burn analog material (Betacam) on DVD. In this case, I soweiso must have an external recorder. With this recorder, but I could - to work synonymous with DV recording, perhaps more reliable. It may be that I need to make DVD copies 10-15. If a burner synonymous operate reliably in large quantities?


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Istvan,

of course, would be a YUV - / DV converters like the Canopus ADVC-500 MPEG2 with 4:2:0-Compression). Wozu also Energie in einen Arbeitsschritt stecken, aus dem kein nennenswert sichtbarer Vorteil für die erzielbare Bildqualität hervorgeht? Hat Dein Betacam-Recorder synonymous einen Y/C-Output? Der wäre für die Übertragung des Bildsignals ebenfalls gut geeignet.

Zum Thema USB -Schnittstelle schau mal hier:
FireWire FAQ">camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images
-> 1 (b) camcorder / recorder via Firewire or USB to hook up?

For Part 2:
Of course, you could be synonymous with a standalone DVD recorder make copies, but the possibilities) would be very limited (eg, no chapter marks, no menu. In addition you would need for 10-15 copies of the 10 to 15 times the movie duration, because the dubbing (only!) In real time is possible. In contrast, a built-in calculator burner burns currently 16-fold (relative to the blank, not the movie running time!), Ie a DVD copy would be in less than 5 minutes ready burned.

On the subject of a standalone DVD recorder necessarily synonymous read this post:

Antwort von iturbucz:

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

You wrote the following:

- "In this case, the output on DVD (-> MPEG2 with 4:2:0-compression). So why put energy into a step which demonstrates no significant advantage for the achievable visual picture quality?" --

Do you mean that it would be more direct with the Recorder Betacam connect the player to save the work with the PC? Have I understood correctly?

The PC, I can not leave just because we want to change the film or convert to WMV format. Therefore I must be sure that I get the input-Page the best possible quality.
So I used this DV -Recorder/Camcorders-Lösung. It is the best solution for less money. But it takes a lot of time. That's why I s.diese solution with the capture card (AV / DV converter intended). If I get the correct input-Page good quality, then I can make synonymous with the well-page output quality, no preference whether it was a DVD or a WMV movie goes. That is why this is important, at least with YUV signal to work. It is of course my second problem, which I make my DVD. Thank you for the problem with the life you were raised. This benefit of the PC burner, I have not really thought of. In my opinion - in the standalone recorder - the menu is no problem. It is anyway an authoring with-made software. The recorder is solely responsible for the burning process, right? In the software, I would put together the film and it is the PC so no preference, if I film with PC burner or fire with the recorder. On the other Siete eh you have to have a recorder. When it comes to analog film, then the recorder has much better opportunities. The whole software and hardware components are integrated into the device itself, and therefore he can produce in my opinion a better quality.

Please corrects me if I was wrong in principle understand!

Thank you!

Greeting István

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Istvan,

Your last posting raises some questions for me. But first things first:

"Istvan" iturbucz "" wrote:
Do you mean that it would be more direct with the Recorder Betacam connect the player to save the work with the PC?

No, I did not mean. I had looked at the entire production process (playback, A / D conversion, data editing, DVD authoring) and because the scale aligned. Betacam is a relatively good, analog video format, but even during the A / D conversion (Betacam -> DV) you reduce the range of brightness ratio of 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 color. Also, the DVD is working with the 4:2:0-compression.

"Istvan" iturbucz "" wrote:
Therefore I must be sure that I get the input-Page the best possible quality. [...] That is why this is important, at least with YUV signal to work.

There is a simple rule: Best Quality has its price. And if you absolutely want to have YUV inputs, then the Canopus ADVC-500
Canopus ADVC-500
Canopus ADVC-500

This solution is about the performance of
Canopus ADVC-110
Canopus ADVC-110
Canopus ADVC-110

If you want to create the s.Computer and burn DVDs, you need a DVD authoring software. By doing this you can create menus, chapters define, assign audio tracks, etc. In addition to authoring program your calculator a DVD Burners needs of usDVD-R can burn. This format is the
DVD ForumDVD-Video DVD Forum
If you are the DVDs with a standalone DVD recorder would like to record, you need no special software for the computer. The play of videos is just like any other recorder, either via Firewire (if available and if possible) or via an analog AV cable. Menus can not be transferred from the computer and not synonymous chapter markers. It is therefore a fundamental difference with what solution you create DVDs. The question is, what the DVD claims to be fair?

DVD Forum
(See above explanation). A standalone DVD recorder has the focus, the daily TV and record and replay. Such extensive control / data transfer from the computer is not possible.


Antwort von Markus:

Too bad that has done nothing. I would have been interesting times, as it has been going on ...

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