Infoseite // Canon Camera shows camcorder concept for 2030

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:

Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von Christian Schmitt:

I'll take on everything first and then I sit down after the event, raging through hours of material I choose and only then the image, which indeed was still synonymous with chamber position, height, tilt-and so has to do ...
But before it is clear why there will be such cameras, in the presentation on the Expwurde then demonstrated so synonymous nor the "fun" feature face detection and a long shot of the audience could be isolated then still wonderfully high-resolution portraits of people laughing ...


Antwort von pilskopf:

Small sensor, high resolution and everything is sharp, we've got it all for a long time. And why for 2030? 2012 would have been enough but that one from the video then cuts out photos, make a few even today. Weak. Particularly hard, the Canon heads have not since.


Antwort von pixler:

deep blur adieu ... interesting, however, would be a camera which produces material in which you can later post in the deep blur choose - which should actually be possible - there were times a Z-Cam, of which one listens for some time but nothing more . This provided a "deep image".


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Amusing it's already that Canon presented precisely at the time of rampant insanity SDOF a depth of the front lens to Timbuktu as an ideal of the future. The target audience but which has its justification, for this "wonder camera" should rather Powershot of 2030 than the XF. Even in 20 years will have other Canon camcorder with very different opportunities for filmmakers with higher demands in the program.


Antwort von Klappe:

What is with 3D? If by that time already through? How about with a word to the sound? What is with light sensitivity?

As Chips's the matter with sooo many pixels on a small area and gaanz large memory cards. Uhh, how visionary. I hope at least it gives the chips synonymous with paprika taste. Crispy they were intended.


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