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Frage von nafets76:


I have Final Cut Pro and the new MacBook Pro with 10.6 Snow Leopard, and get out no setting where Final Cut recognize the SonyHV20.

There is always the following devices could not be detected. HDV (; 1440 x 1080).


My Audio / Video Default:

Sequence HDV - 1080i50
Recording: HDV
Device Control: HDV Firewire "

Simple configuration with HDV and HDV 1080i50 FireWire Basic; any rate, not synonymous works.



Now I was capturing something, but unfortunately only in the following setting:

Audio / Video Default:

Recording: HDV Apple Intermediate Codec

As I looked up, there is this problem:

"The disadvantage of this codec is that it requires three to four times as much bandwidth and disk space, such as MPEG-2 HDV."

But I can capture, but unfortunately, he then shows me this option again the Log and Capture window, I can not s.and In or Out points set, but can finish only designate the bin and then at some point if I want to escape with. That was it.

I capture at 1 hour 41 GB of disk space needed. is not that a bit much?

What it is because I HDV if I only select the recording, he is now unable to connect?
additional settings:
Sequence HDV 1080i50
Device Control: HDV Firewire

Maybe a nice forum readers know where is my problem.

Thank you in advance.

Lieben Gruß


Antwort von audionx:

I had this problem a long time synonymous!
It is s.einer setting in the HV20.

in Play mode you need to the menu

then to the "Play / Off Setup 2 Menu
there must be at "DV output" HDV / DV "is not available and" DV ".

then you can with "simple setting in Final Cut Pro capture as 1080 50i HDV just normal ...




Antwort von Axel:

Important: Camera must be separated during the change in the menu of Firewire. The best after 1 x in-and on again.


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