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Frage von freelens:

Hello community,
because I'm actually not a cutter, I ask you for a little help.
I want a tape of the Sony HVR Z1E Final Cut Pro to capture, as appears about 3-4 seconds after the recording that hire error on the tape and that the recording is interrupted. But when I look at the band in the preview everything is ok.
I have maybe something in the project settings ignored?

many times already, thanks in advance for your help.



Antwort von TiMovie:

I know now just an error that could cause such a thing!
dropped frames cause Final Cut Pro Studio is lost!
That you can in Final Cut Pro User Settings> General> Recording at frame omission disable abort!
hope this helps next!
Otherwise look exactly describe what an error message that "to hire error on the tape was" certainly stands nirgens!


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