Infoseite // Canon HV30 - 720x576 video format?

Frage von julian242:

Hi all together,
I've now read all over now that there are hardly any differences between the HV20 and hv30 there. then I have here but sometimes the direct comparison with the function of the two cameras lined up: and as I noticed that the hv30 does not record 720x576 video format! But I can not really imagine - because someone knows my question to answer (the info I have of this page:

Thank you ...


Antwort von Jan:

Unfortunately, poorly researched - if it is there.

Of course, the HV 30 PAL record, either even 4:3 and 16:9.



Antwort von julian242:

I thought I almost was just hilarious ... embarrassing embarrassing ...

Thanks but in any case


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