Infoseite // Canon Ixus 950 finished recording without saving. Why?

Frage von Dojokun:

Good evening,

I know this forum is here for your camcorder. I imagine 'the question anyway, because I wanted to shoot with my Canon Ixus 950 Video. And before you now beat all the arms above the head, first read next:

I was looking for an affordable camera mount for my motorcycle. Have as synonymous found something with which I can attach a camera / camera s.Fahrzeug very safe. However, I have my HF-10 too expensive and too bad about the s.Bike to make fast and I thought, for a short distance ranges synonymous video clip hot from my photo in 640x480 with 30fps.

No sooner said than done. Now there is the problem that the part of the recording ends automatically after about 1.5 minutes, and without the video store at all. Battery is full, 8GB SDHC memory card is empty, the camera is placed behind the pulpit facing (; so no wind) and the optical image stabilizer is on.

Another strange characteristic: The screen goes dark (; as standby), although clearly the recording runs (; REC will be red in the display), but remains outside the Lens. According to press release or s.Zoom, is the thing again. Thus seems to be selbsändig to put into standby.

Why is that? A test with the correct hand and shaking the part during the recording of the itch and did not take on the fine. Can there possibly be s.den very fine vibration, or possibly s.der volume (;'ve tuned ne Sportesse 105db).

Thanks for any hint. I s.Samstag ne great tour and would like to shoot there. Possibly. so someone knows ne priced cam for my purposes (; no ActionCam !!!), has a normal tripod screw connection.



Antwort von Jan:


the standby time (car, snapping) was activated back in the menu?

Normally, this does not affect the shooting, but you could still change times.

SD / HC card takes the 950, at 640x480 enough synonymous easy Class 2 Map of the velocity. Is it a cheap supermarket, perhaps a slower card?

What makes a different memory card?

The 950 min is the shooting s.Stück to 4 GB = about 44 limited to VGA.

Please Check in time both things, the camera could be synonymous but still have a hit .....



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