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Canon S10 in LEGRIA RF Test of thomas - 27 Mar 2009 16:04:00
Trusted Reviews has the new Canon S10 RF Legria tested and has become a very good result has come: the AVCHD 32GB Flash Memory-Cam is located in image quality equal to the old favorites with Panasonic HDC-HS300, in terms of low-light even slightly forward. Only problem is the high price.

And here unser Comparison der SonyXR520V, Canon HF S10 and Panasonic SD300Testberichtt RF Canon S10

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Here is the link to the news with links and images on the pages Slashcam Magazine


Antwort von Shiranai:

In their reviews, I am always quite undecided whether the camera at all times had in the hands, or simply a summary of the manufacturers instructions with a few press photos and a shot of his own thoughts garnish.


Antwort von nachtspion:

Since I am shiranai's opinion. It comes before me as if it all just parrot what others prompt. Canon's marketing department is working very well!


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