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Frage von Subbi1075:

Hello Forum,

during capture of DV and HDV material synonymous with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 or Elements of the SonyHDR-HC3, after a few seconds I get the following error:

Recorder Error: Recording was halted because blank tape was encountered.

The tape is properly recorded in both HDV and of other programs will properly captured.

Has anyone any idea how to fix the error?
Adobe Sonyand think it is possible that the camcorder is not supported.
This would have been determined, but someone told me fürher noticed and posted in a forum ....

Thanks for the feedback


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Have you tried it already with HDV split?


Antwort von Subbi1075:


As I said the caputren works with all other programs (Magix, Ulead, etc. ..)
Only I nunmal beitz Adobe Premiere as a full version ...

Thank you


Antwort von

Have problems synonymous with SonyHDR-HC3, and Adobe Premiere 2.0. Use a Matrox RT.X100. The camera can be controlled, but I get no purely Picture. Message, camera is off.

In Magix etc no problem.

Does anyone know this phenomenon and has a solution?


Antwort von BjörnF:

For the Matrox problem:
In the recording settings and device control can switch between Adobe and Matrox.

The RTX100 not support HDV, and has problems with the synonymous runterkonvertierten DV stream of HDV cameras - such as no scene detection works synonymous, because somehow there Matrox uses different signals than Adobe.

But if the Adobe Device Control enabled it works - at least for me.
In a DV project you can then use in the project settings, the presets and the Matrox RTX100 features, and still with the Adobe Gerätesteurung tapes capture.



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

So I've got the capture with the HC3 camcorder with P-Pro 2.0 is no problem. But not in HDV scene detection is possible, I suppose HDV Split.


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