Infoseite // Challenge - walls "husking" it. (Ähnl.: Silent Hill Movie)

Frage von Maxisoft2:

Dear Slashcammer,

Normally I do not despair as fast, but this time I stand in front of a (of me) currently unsolvable problem.

For a commercial movies were a set of recordings (no actor can be seen) made undzwar, similar to the movie "Silent Hill", once in very good condition, and once with abgeblätterter Color and "On old" made furniture. Both in the exact same camera perspective, no motion, no tracking is synonymous necessary. (The whole thing has been realized that the actual paint and wallpaper - in any instance - grease is appropriate, and so simple was able to pull the wallpaper)

So much for the building.

Unfortunately, the actual effects maker who probably already had some in mind as they prepared for the shooting had abgesprungen or sky-high speed-increasing budget demands were being missed.

Now I flew on this procurement.

I did my best attempt with After Effects, with Particular pieces animated wallpaper (custom particles) while herabsegeln, but everything else looks as real, and the transition between Nice and Ugly is not "liquid" look. After many attempts, I assumed the ideas, as I continue with AE could try.

Since yesterday I am the proud owner of 3DStudio Max 7 - great program - but of course still garnicht incorporated. The Basics know I was.

Final question:

Weis someone of you, how the effect of an "ends peeling wallpaper (wallpaper pieces roll down from reality s.and sail to the ground)
with 3DS Max or AE7pro can be realized? / Or it is a "semi" about to be created?

I would be on numerous Council and help look, she was still so small synonymous.


Antwort von Kenni:

maybe you have a small video for how it looks on the time - is always something bad so the present exactly what you want to do and how the picture is and so.



Antwort von Maxisoft2:


Since I currently can not post Picture (may) I will be all as good as I can describe it.

The room is a fairly small living room - just as you are in an apartment would imagine. The set is open s.der Front Page (So "only 3 walls) and was ahead of 2x, the same perspective as somehow" Total "filmed - you can see everything - every corner - from space.

I guess you have the space somehow grossly nachmodellieren in 3dsmax, but that is synonymous not the problem, the challenge is just the wallpaper flaking ...


Antwort von emu:


So really imagine I can unfortunately not synonymous, what effect you want to achieve: to be the only scroll wallpaper, or should the space age and virtually morphed the scroll wallpaper (I have the Silent Hill movie is seen, but it is already ' ne while ago and that seemed to me there very CG heavy, so more fully realized 3d)?

At your place, I would thus parallel to this forum times in a 3d appropriate forum (or synonymous creativecow - there is so synonymous to drive many professionals from around the VFX industry) demand.

I would be synonymous wonder why colleagues sought a budget increase are: something is so often not done without reason and even of this starting position since I would probably come into the mystery of whether a man alone can act at all and if so, in what time frame.
Especially the 3D area is actually nothing you just incidentally participate - at least not when it's photo should look like. As heard a lot about this experience (the modeling might still go, but this is only the first step).

Perhaps synonymous outsourcing s.jemanden acting solely on the field while 3d is worth when it's no other alternatives.



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