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Frage von HR499:


Who knows in Discreet Combustion 3, and can help me?

Objective: Videofonieren should be imitated, ie one in the finished spot will initially Autorenn-scene - the full picture - and then the Picture continuously (2 sec) is less and you can see after and after that all the time seen in a mobile phone has, which by Camera Aufzoom then smaller and smaller until it finally as a whole can see - the original Autorenn scene is small, the mobile phone display to see. As the footage I have is the real shot cellphone - a lift of mobile phone display in the shot and as the 2nd the scene author.

The question now: 1 Combustion can solve this task, namely the Autorenn Picture zuscheiden such as the cell phone display and with the real-Zoom Camera mitzoomen (including size and position change) and 2nd, how?

As far as I know, would the scale-function of the Combustion tracker help, but a detailed solution in the help I could not find the program.

Thank you!


Antwort von PowerMac:

This goes with any compositing program!


Antwort von jomox:

@ PowerMac
great answer .... dat you had synonymous terminals can

and as to the problem ...
yes powermac is right to do this with any compositing tool. exactly is the mission of this program.

you must display on the track .... so handy so that you the transformation to the author footage can apply. (in reiter tracker)
(ie the benchmarks track s.besten)

as an alternative for those shots, I can thee synonymous monet recommend the software ... there is a very easy;)

naja and wars in the rough is really ...
ne maske onto mobile with the same values and the footage anything ... then stop sending it but that is not your problem.

So if you can not weiterkommst yes bescheidsagen times by mail


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