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Frage von Peter aus Köln:


I am now after countless hours with Magix Video deluxe plus 2007 rumgeschlagen have (!!), and nothing works, I have a heavy heart (the 99 euro depreciated ...) a new software purchase:
Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Pros

Magix When there were problems almost all cases:

Import DVD (VOB files) for Magix:
Magix may, despite the description on the carton (!!), no VOB files capture! There is a lack of sound is always there. While there are forums in the incredibly complicated instructions with all sorts of additional patches that you must download and then convert cumbersome VOBs only be so, but the support of Magix is a single impudence! Where the problem is known, but they offer no free patch to repair this sloppy software. One should follow the version "upgrade". Now comes the next joke: The "upgrade" there is only a short time after its release the next version and you get it only if you have the latest version of the previous year was direct. Otherwise, you pay for Magix each time the full price of almost a hundred euros. If you want to with this software that is up-to-date, you have 70-100 euros each year for the upgrade issue! Remember! Since worth equal to the purchase of other software! Moreover, the Abzockerei and modern Wegelagerei, dear Magix bosses! It makes you no friends! Still n "trick" on the carton of the new Version 2008 is in the plus sizes that Magix can import, did nothing more of VOB and DVD! This is a declaration of bankruptcy Magix. Actually, all customers who use the previous version had, when at the box VOB still stood, but did not work, the money of Magix recover. Class action? :-)

DVD in Ulead IMPORT:
Ulead reads VOBs do not, but for the entire VIDEO_TS folder (the main folder on each DVD). If you selected, you can then choose which chapters of the DVD should be read, even with video preview! Is even better than VOBs single whole, as it saves time and resources! Genial!
Does nature not only for copy-protected DVDs.

IMPORT OF recorded videos of the TV-CARD:
Can Magix did not, only shows file error.
Ulead: easy work!

Magix Video deluxe plus jerky, slightly s.oder crashes hangs (hooray, after two hours of work everything away !!!). Furthermore, it has, like many other programs synonymous, the problem is that the sound (if it is because with time you will (höhö)), often spent minimal time lag, ie, after the text is not quite burning lip sync, is not synonymous resolve. Error of the program: Nothing!

Ulead running for such a complex software amazingly fast and stable (no more crashes, hurray !!!). You can actually work in real time!

Error messages are used Magix whole, if at all, only in a completely incomprehensible instructions, therefore, synonymous with the advanced layman just think: huh? wat do I do now as a decision click?

Quite different from Ulead: you get the smallest problem with no easy to understand error messages that the program is completely the same strike, on the contrary, it even corrects some! Geht doch ...

HD and Blue-ray Features:
I can still nothing to say, eh, I can not burn with my system and I am currently still synonymous not important. I'm glad and happy that I finally, after two years all times quite easily edit video files, convert and burn it! The investment in the new software (99 euros at Saturn) was worth it!

CONCLUSIONS / Comparison:
Ulead eats (imports) all HD-DVD, DVD (without copy protection), AVCHD, DV, DVD's of DVD recorders, analog video of VHS recorders and analog video cameras and hard-cams, handhelds, all CODECS MPEG with all burns in any format (HD, Blue-ray, DVD + / - etc.), converts to WMV (all parameters are easily adjustable), and in any format for iPod, cellphone, etc., can directly upload to Youtube and One and Other All-rounder, of synonymous yet easy to use and ultra-stable without zig - so wish you a program! Full score s.Ulead!

The only drawback: The version 11.5 (version 11 know ic


Antwort von Realismus:

Hi Peter,

So the Magix so negative I can imagine garnicht! The description of your problems are partly due to individual problems rather s.der when handling failed. I know some of the Magix proffesionel use and do not have problems!

I think you should always times with himself whether to come up with such a program ever use it.

I myself have absolutely no problems with Magix.


Antwort von kayburg:

So I work synonymous with VDL for years and never had problems with the software, just no preference which is BS or what version of the program.
About the business policy of Magix, you can argue. However, no one is forced to quarter the new version to buy.
Personally, I "upgrade" VDL only if it is for me relevant innovations aufweist.
And anyway, who worked as VOBs?


Antwort von Markus73:

"Anonymous" wrote: And anyway, who worked as VOBs?

I think exactly that, the sore point. The difficulty is the asker (although, questions he had actually no) did not have invented. In Magix's own forum diving problems MPEG-/VOB-Bearbeitung synonymous with relatively common.

If, therefore, remains in the formats required for processing and are suitable for (DV-AVI), then work with Magix everything that I had throughout the years, no significant major problem with it.



Antwort von Superditti:

Hi Markus,

you have plenty of experience seem to have made. Your VS10 seems to run well. I have no good experiences with VS11.5 + done and think that your 99, - ¬ as bad are.
We should exchange times.




Antwort von JoeFX:

All these problems that are listed here are for a small upgrade away (only had the Tonversatzproblem, playing the tapes anyway with Pinnacle on)

Work with MVDL06Plus quite some time now, have been no additional software needed.

Hab mir Ulead 11 views ... Does my opinion, quite simply, the color (I find it very important) is more than bad law. For weak saturation, the colors are distorted, and parts of the image are to be divided b / w colors where others before spraying. Magix contrast attenuation offers clean, with no problems. Also crashes MVDL extremely rare (vll. every few months) from, and if it was synonymous why;)

It may be that this is an isolated incident, but I had yet no real problems


Antwort von Dhub:

I know just the opposite way. Ulead was too badly in the handling and too small in scope.

I moved to Magix 08 + and would watch as a winner.

Is synonymous probably a question of working methods and the type of use.

To score a few more thing:

Magix crashes:
Magix is during some Opperationen as "no feedback" led synonymous and can not operate (eg when rendering). If the calculations are completed, however, is Magix again with no problems to handle. Possible causes could be used in low RAM number lie. (Just as an idea)

VOB files:
I use this, but one could not simply the VOB file on the PC drag in MPEG and rename it already was?

Liebe Grüsse



Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

Ich hab noch Pros in 2006/07 version.

Magix has a reproducible memory leak, plus, the program likes to crash when more than 150 objects with images and titles, etc on the timeline has. Outward and again you need to complete the film and highlight a new project here. Regular saving is a must. DVD authoring is garbage, only suitable for rapid quality control between.

But Magix is synonymous to good. Many functions for 100 ¬. The MPEG2 encoder for DVD authoring is high. The other photo editing programs such as music or whatnot etc I use garnicht

As long as I still s.SD material Bastel synonymous to me no other editing program into the house, then the other problem.
On the problems of Magix has been accustomed.


Antwort von kkutte:

Hi Folks
Actually, enough has already been said, but:
This whole problem with Magix nachvollziehen.Ich I do not have the program long in use and of earlier versions apart (2004/2005) no significant Probleme.Die constantly new versions are annoying but I have to but you do not buy (never changed a running system). I buy the program only if new breakthrough, it was something ändert.So now halt with HD editing.



Antwort von WeiZen:

"Anonymous" wrote:
And anyway, who worked as VOBs?

DVD camcorders ....


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Comparison Ulead / Magix: Winner: Ulead!

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